Humantouch 1650 Massage Chair

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Classic Design.
Heating System.

The elegant design of the Human Touch 1650 massage chair provided by the robust shape, the leather cover and its clear lines is complemented by an efficient massage system which ensures an extreme relaxation with therapeutic effects.

Acupressure Point Detection System.

Beyond the massage programs and functions, this chair is better than similar products by being equipped with a heating system and an acupressure point detector, taking efficient massage one step further, close to perfection.

Human Touch 1650 Massage Chair

Important Features

1. Heating Massage

Two heating modules heat the muscles in the lumbar area, slowly reducing stiffness and muscle pain. The heat calms pain and relaxes the muscles, preparing them for an intense massage.

2. Buttocks Massage

Airbags are incorporate in the seat and they expand and deflate stimulating the extremity of the spine and the buttocks, ameliorating blood circulation in lower body and the overall health.

3. Roller Massage

Rollers move across the spine to relieve cervical discs pressure and revive muscles.

4. Tapping

Simulates hand tapping on back muscles offering a invigorating and revival sensation.

5. Pressure Massage

Rollers simulate slight hand pressure. Specially designed for relaxing the muscles.

6. Kneading

Massage cycle which repeats kneading actions. Offers a maximum therapeutic and profound massage that stimulates the energy flow.

Human Touch 1650 Massage Chair

Practical and Easy to Use Massage Chair.

Personalizing the massage according to user’s preferences is easily achievable with the help of the controller. Some aspects were designed most practically, like the controller that is provided with side buttons, to be of smaller size and easy to handle.

To never forget where you left the controller and to always have it handy, the massage chair is equipped with a side pocket where you can place it.

Also, the footrest rotates at 360° so that when you don’t use it you can turn it flat side up.

8 Automatic Programs – 15 minutes

Full Body Revival

This program revives the entire body by using the heating system. This program includes 3 minutes heating, 9 minutes intense massage and 3 minutes cooling.

2. Back Therapy for Sportspeople

This is a heating massage for back and legs including 3 minutes heating, 9 minutes intense massage and 3 minutes cooling. It is ideal for people who go through intense physical effort, working on legs and back which are the most stressed areas.

3. Leg and Hip Therapy

This is a very intense massage program from the beginning to the end, relieving pain and leg heaviness sensation.

4. Neck and Shoulder Massage

The neck and shoulder massage energizes the body, reducing pain and stiffness in upper back, through a reviving massage using the heating and acupressure point detection system. It includes 3 minutes heating, 9 minutes intense massage and 3 minutes returning to initial state.

5. “After Work” Massage

It revives the senses by slowly removing muscle contractions and nodules that appear after a hard day’s work, by stretching muscles and applying structured massage: 3 minutes heating, 9 minutes intense massage and 3 minutes cooling.

6. Morning Massage

By using the heating system, this massage can help when you have difficulties in waking up in the morning or you feel tired after a night’s sleep. It also follows the pattern of 3 minutes heating, 9 minutes intense massage and 3 minutes cooling.

7. Evening Massage

This massage program helps relieve muscle tension and daily fatigue. It is recommended before going to bed, for a deep and quite sleep.

8. Demonstration Program

During this program you will experience all the massage types and techniques available for this massage chair.

Other Functions:

Acupressure Detecting System

To ensure an efficient massage on tensed areas, this massage chair is equipped with a system that scans the entire back, identifying pressure points and working on them.

Massage Intensity Adjustment

By pressing the “Massage Comfort Number” button on the remote control you can adjust massage intensity, by increasing or reducing it, according to your needs.

Massage Focus

You can focus the massage on a specific body area by adjusting the position of the massage rollers and heat location.

Manual Mode

The manual mode offer the possibility of a personalized massage, based on your own settings.

Remote Control

The massage session settings are easily adjustable by using the remote control. When you are not using the remote control you can store it inside the specially designed side pocket of the chair.


This function stops all active massage actions, the massage chair and its components return to their storage position by pressing one button.

Vocal System

Activating the vocal system by switching the ON button on the back of the chair will provide a vocal confirmation each time you access an automatic program or the acupressure point detection system.

Hand Massage

The massage chair is equipped with a vibration massage system for the hands. Vibrations are activated / deactivated from the remote control.

Rotating Device for Foot Massage

The rotating device massages calves and feet, simulating the hand movements of a professional massage therapist, allowing for an intense 3D massage in this area. Also, the feet ottoman can be turned to 360 degrees so that when you are not using it for feet massage, you can use it as a support or even detach it from the chair.

Adjustable Components

To adapt to each user and ensure the most efficient massage and most correct and comfortable position, different components like the footrest and shoulder rest adjust to user’s body shape.

Product Specifications

Manual Mode Yes
Massage Engines 3
Heating Massage Yes
Reclining Angle 105° - 165°
Chair Cover Leather
Massage Techniques Roller
Timer 15 minutes
Automatic Reclining Yes
Acupressure Point Detector Yes
Airbags Yes
Reflex Therapy Yes
Calf and Foot Massage Yes
Minimum Distance from the Wall 51cm
Rated Power 200W
Hand Massage Yes
Buttocks Massage Yes
Controller Yes
Headrest Yes - Pad
Foot Ottoman Yes
Wheels Yes
Dimensions – upright position (H x W x D) (cm) Approx. 124 x 96 x 101
Dimensions – Reclined Position (H x W x D) (cm) Approx. 66 x 96 x 203
Chair Weight (kg) Approx. 110 kg
Maximum User Weight (kg) 135 kg
Rated Voltage 220 - 230V
ETL Approval Yes
Available Colours Black, Chocolate
Human Touch 1650 Massage Chair

Approved and recommended by the American Association of Chiropractic Orthopaedics

The Human Touch 1650 massage chair is approved and recommended by the American Association of Chiropractic Orthopaedics, the world’s biggest association in the domain, which recognizes the chairs benefits on health.

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