Humantouch PC86 Relaxation Massage Chair

Humantouch PC 86 Massage Chair
  • WARRANTY 2 Years
  • User manual available
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  • Brand human-touch
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Inspired by N.A.S.A.

The structure of this massage chair is inspired by the “Neutral body position” concept introduced by NASA for their astronauts.

Reduces Pressure on the Spine

In this position the body reaches the imponderability threshold, body weight is uniformly spread, reducing pressure on the spine. This position is recommended by Physicists as the healthiest body position.

Fotoliu cu masaj Human Touch PC 86

Incorporated Systems

Jade System.

“Jade stones used by the Human Touch PC086 Perfect Chair Serenity are made of elements that can be found in the human body. Because they emit similar frequencies, the Jade stones vibrations go deeply inside the cells, while the infrared heating system penetrates the muscles. The result is an improved blood circulation, an increased level of oxygen in the blood and a more rapid recovery after different conditions” Dr. Hoon Kim, acupressure expert and medical practitioner Qi-Gong.

Elegant Design

The Human Touch PC 086 Perfect Chair Serenity relaxation chair is covered in smooth handmade and leather materials, which together with the compact, simple lined shape give it an elegant and beautiful aspect.

Fotoliu cu masaj Human Touch PC 86

Infrared Heating System.

Strategically placed Jade stones release heat and through the infrared system provide the heating function of the chair on 3 levels: high-medium-low.

The heat may go 3 cm deep into the tissue, with beneficial effects like: reducing inflammation and muscle pain relief, improving blood circulation and cell recovery acceleration.

Important Features

Electric Reclining System

The high performance reclining system returns the chair to its upright position in less than 15 seconds. Reclining is done automatically by using the lever, according to the position you are looking for. The engines that ensure the reclining are very quite.

Swing System

Heat reaches the optimum level and remains at this level. Combined with the swing system, you will experience an extreme relaxation and comfort.

Adjustable Headrest

The headrest is adjustable and can be slightly raised if for example you would like to watch TV or read. The chair is also equipped with a detachable head pad.


The controller is placed in handy, next to the armrest, to make it easy to access and adjust the heating, intensity and swing therapy sessions, by simply pressing the specific buttons.

Product Specifications

Infrared Heating System Yes
Jade Stones Yes
Swing Therapy Yes
Electric Reclining Yes
Adjustable Headrest Yes
Footrest Yes
Reclining Angle 115°-160°
Control Controller
Chair Cover Leather and handmade material
Heating Timer 30 minute
Minimum Distance from the Wall 30cm
Rated Power 300W
Dimensions – upright position (H x W x D) (cm) Approx. 121 x 88 x 114
Dimensions – Reclined Position (H x W x D) (cm) Approx. 76 x 86 x 160
Chair Weight (kg) 65 kg
Maximum User Weight (kg) 136 kg
Rated Voltage 220 - 230V
ETL Approval Yes
Fotoliu cu masaj Human Touch PC 86

Different Colours.

This massage chair is also available in white. Fotoliul este disponibil şi pe culoare albă. According to the space and decor of the room, you can choose the colour that best suits your needs.

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