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iRest A33 Zero Gravity Massage Chair
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The Supreme 3D Massage

The ultimate massage chair, relaxes you from your head to your toes including fingertips. The iRest A33 massage chair is designed to bring personal massage to a new level.

Using the best components and 3D massage technology, the iRest A33 provides multiple massage sessions, relaxing every part of your body and providing you with a truly unique wellness experience.

Full body massage

The combination of massage hand technology and built in airbags provides massaging of all body parts. iRest A33 offers complete foot massage, by individually massaging each toe and the heels. In addition, the airbag system has the precision of massaging your fingertips as well, to truly create a one-of-a-kind session.

So sink in and get hugged and pampered by the exceptionally designed massage chair.

Massage Chair iRest A33 Zero Gravity

Massage Chair – Important Features

3D Massage

Designed with a set of vertically movable, four-wheel driven muted intelligent 3D massage hands
3D Massage iRest A33

Automatic check

Automatically check of shoulder position, body curve and massage points as well as make micro adjustments. According to the body curve and massage points, automatically adjust the massage hands forward and backward so as to make it more humanistic and scientific.
Automatic check iRest A33

4 Automatic Functions

Designed with four automatic massage functions: Ease, Comfort, Ache cure and Recovery from fatigue.
4 Automatic Functions iRest A33

Automatic massage

Automatic upper body massage programs using 8 airbags for shoulder and neck with. Upper back massage programs using 4 airbags.
Automatic massage iRest A33

Manual Massage

Manual massage for the upper body with three options: overall, partial and fixed point; Six massage methods: shoulder lifting/grasping, kneading, tapping, shiatsu and synchronous kneading & tapping and 3D, with five levels of speed adjustable respectively. In the state of flapping and shiatsu, the width between the two kneading balls is adjustable with five levels.
Manual Massage iRest A33

Air Pressure Massage for the Arms

Air pressure massage for arms (26 built-in airbags), with three air pressure intensity options.
Air Pressure Massage for the Arms iRest A33

Air Pressure Massage for the Lower Body

Air pressures massage for the lower body (16 built-in airbags), with three position options and three air pressure intensity options.
Air Pressure Massage for the Lower Body iRest A33

Air Pressure and Roller Massage for the Feet

Air pressure and roller massage for the feet (10 airbags) and multiple intensity options.
Air Pressure and Roller Massage for the Feet iRest A33


MP3 player: Play, Stop, Previous One, Next One, Volume Up and Volume Down.
Music iRest A33

Heating Function

Heating function in the back, with carbon fiber as infrared heat emitter.
Music iRest A33

Three Groups of Memory

Three groups of massage status memory.
Three Groups of Memory iRest A33

Calf Rest

The calf rest can be lifted and stretched; The backrest can be lifted.
Calf Rest iRest A33

Massage Chair iRest A33 Zero Gravity

100 Airbags

Featuring 92 airbags with adjustable air pressure intensity levels, the A33 is equipped with an intelligent four wheel driven 3D massage mechanism that has the ability to move backward and forward, automatically adjusting to the contours of your back to invigorate and rejuvenate your body.

The result is an unparalleled massage experience that gives you the sensation of a human massage delivered by multiple sets of human hands.

Different Types of Massages Provided by iRest A33 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

(may be combined)

3D Intelligent Massage Technology

Smart 3D massage mechanical hands mimic professional massage techniques and reproduce professional massage. The massage hand can move up and down and left and right through the neck, back and shoulder, and can stretch up to 12cm meaning that it can reach positions that normal massage chairs cannot reach.

3D Point Navigation Sensor

The form of each person’s body changes delicately. The 3D point navigation sensor detects details of body form by automatically monitoring complicated lines of the human body such as the shoulder position and constriction at the waist to deliver a more tailored massage. Through an optical sensor, this massage chair can accurately detect body acupuncture points to position your massage according to your body curve.

Composite Stretch

The width of the massage can be stretched between 6cm and 21 cm. The length of the massage from top to bottom stretches 81cm which can cover 20% more than standard massage chairs. Accordingly, this massage chair caters for every body shape and size.

Neck Stretch

Airbags and massage balls are delicately positioned around the neck to help to relax the neck muscle and improve blood circulation by gripping and stretching the nape. The neck massager can be adjusted within 20cm to fit different heights.

Arm Airbags

Through the airbags, it gives you full massage for both your arms and relaxes them to your fingers. Stimulates acupuncture points on your arm.

Back Heater

Soothing back heater can heat up to 40–50 degrees on your back to release back soreness and stiffness.

Hip Swing

The seat cushion can swing in the shape of ‘8’. It mimics professional masseurs gently swinging your body to provide a better balance. Good to relive pressure on lower back and also hip muscle.

Waist Twist

Compression and air release helps move the waist adjusting the spine position, and relieve stiff waist muscles.

Footrest extension

Foot massager can be extended out to 23cm to suit people of varying heights.

Waist Stretch

Back stretch can relieve fatigue, intense muscles and stiff joints.

Leg Stretch

It stretches cartilage tissue between shanks, relieving muscle tension and joint stiffness.

Calf and Foot Airbag Massager

A combination of 38 airbags of different sizes completely wraps around your calf and feet to give you a thorough massage. The airbags will squeeze, compress, pause and release to give you different sensations.

Underfoot Roller

The advanced technique of the roller provides an incredible experience of feet massage like no other massage chair can provide. Adjustable intensity levels to suit your needs.

Magnetic Therapy

Eight pieces of 300 CC magnetic are positioned in the calf reflex points to achieve magnetic therapy.

MP3 Music

Enjoy the relaxation of some soothing music to accompany your massage with a built in MP3 player.

Product Specifications and Technical Characteristics

Full back massage Yes
Automatic adjustment of height for upper back massage Yes
Electrical reclining backrest Yes
Electrical reclining foot rest Yes
Neck massage to release tension and stiffness Yes
Massage Rollers Yes
Airbags 92
Valves 26
Air Pumps 2
Massage and Relaxation Yes
Reflex Therapy Yes
Foot Massage Yes
Chair Cover Ecological antibacterial leather
Power Consumption 300W
Shipping Dimensions 185 x 77 x 75 cm
Net Weight (kg) 125 kg
Maximum User Weight (kg) 130 kg
Timer 15 minutes
Colors Black, beige and red
Rated Voltage 220 - 230V
Sizes: sizes iRest A33
Massage Chair iRest A33 Zero Gravity

Other Available Colors for iRest A33 Zero Gravity Massage Chair.

This massage chair is also available in other colors. You can now select the color which best suits the décor of your home.

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Client review for iRest A33

Great! - from , May, 2016 5/5 stars

“It offers a complete massage, for the entire body. The buttocks massage function is very interesting. It is a heavy but complex product and it is worth every penny.”

Worth every penny. I recommend! - from , May, 2016 5/5 stars

“This is a very good massage chair. I’ve tested massage chairs before, but they were a lot less efficient. It is a large chair and the black version looks really good. I belive I made the right choice. I am pleased.”

Rating: 5 out of 5, by 2 clients

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