Massage chair Komoder KM420SL Robotic Zero Gravity L Shape 135cm with bluetooth music and quick armrest buttons.

Komoder KM420 massage chair
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Komoder KM420 Design Model.

The Komoder KM420 is a new generation Komoder massage chair, equipped with 4 intelligent, silent, vertically-mobile massage hands for a full back massage. The KM420 uses the new 135 cm L-shaped massage system, which makes it the massage chair with the longest massage range.

Pump and Valve Innovation

The KM420 comes with an innovative air pump and valve function. The pump can function in synchronization or continuously, in order to provide the motor force necessary for the 28 air bags. Both the relaxation massage and the strong air bag pressure are precise and unique, which allows you to enjoy a refreshing massage.

Zero back wall space

The massage chair is designed for small spaces, so that it requires a distance of only 5 cm to the back wall, when the massage chair is in operation. The seat of the chair will slide forward, without touching the back wall.

Komoder KM420 Massage Chair
Komoder KM420 Massage Chair

Automatic shoulder detection and localization system

The new Komoder KM420 is equipped with an automatic shoulder localization system. This system involves scanning your shoulders prior to each massage session in order to detect the user’s height and weight, so as to achieve a perfectly personalized massage session.

Audio Function. Incorporated speakers.

You can now use a smartphone or a tablet in order to control the chair via Bluetooth.

Connect to the smart terminal via Bluetooth to play music. There are two incorporated speakers in the the massage chair. Enjoy your favourite music.

Komoder KM420 Massage Chair

Upper arm and forearm vertical massage

The new Komoder KM420 comes with improvements in the area of arm massage. The massage cushions have different positions, so that placing your upper arms in the dedicated spaces becomes much more comfortable, and the forearm massage is more efficient.

Komoder KM420 Massage Chair
Zero Gravity Komoder KM420

3 Zero Gravity massage positions

The new Komoder KM420 allows you to adjust the chair to 3 Zero Gravity positions, by which you will achieve a state of weightlessness, in which you will be able to enjoy perfect, unrestricted relaxation.

When you turn on the “zero gravity” mode, the angle of elevation between body and legs is approximately 118 degrees. The thighs and calves are in a higher position than the heart. The gravity (weight) of each body part will be distributed evenly across the massage chair, so that the pressure on the body will be fully dissipated.

Important functions

Reflex Therapy

The foot rest extends steplessly in order to accommodate different user heights.
Reflex Therapy

Calf rest

The calf rest is equipped with massage rollers and air bags, plus 8 natural magnets.
Calf rest

L-shaped curved rail

The massage chair uses a special technology involving an L-shaped curved rail, which is the result of extensive research combined with the latest knowledge in this domain. The range of the massage is 135 cm, which allows you to enjoy a personal massage from your head to your seat, almost down to your knees.
L-shaped curved rail

Guasha foot massage

Simulates human touch and enjoys an advanced roller technology, providing a Guasha massage similar to that offered by a professional massage therapist. With a 3 cm range and focusing on the Yongquan point on the sole of your foot, the massage provided can be delicate and constant, but it can also be stronger, depending on how you set the remote control settings.
Guasha foot massage

Air bag foot massage

Different size air bags fully wrap around your calf, ankle, and foot, offering you a triple experience that you will never forget. Apply this method, by which you activate, in succession, the air pressure compression, pause, and evacuation function, in order to stimulate the Xuanzhong and Taixi acupoints, which will bring you perfect comfort and harmony.
Air bag foot massage

Magnet therapy

The magnet therapy achieved thanks to the 8 accurately positioned 300 cc permanent magnets can improve the low level of magnetite in the body, by stimulating the Chengshang and Zhonmai acupoints on the calf.
Magnet therapy

Back Massage Range

The intelligent mechanical massage hands can move up and down on the neck, shoulders, back, and waist. They can automatically induce the specific curve of the human back, with a width range of 21 cm and a back range of 135 cm, which covers the entire back.
Back Massage Range

Back width adjustment

The S-shaped curve that supports the body involves a combination of back massage structures and human engineering principles, so that you may enjoy a highly accurate back massage. The width can be adjusted from 6 to 21 cm, with three width options.
Back width adjustment

Air bag arm massage

Equipped with 12 air bags that follow the curves of the human upper arm, it provides a massage that wholly comprises your arms, acting on the Yangchi and Quchi points. The balanced 3D traction which originates in the air-filled bags will invigorate your arms and palms.
Air bag arm massage

Far infrared carbon fiber heating

The 40-50º C back heating function eliminates any cold sensation and backache. The wavelength of infrared radiation coincides with the wavelength of the human body, which allows the energy to be absorbed by the human cells, activating the cells and stimulating the metabolism.
Far infrared carbon fiber heating

Two memory modes

These two functions will satisfy the needs of your family. Any combination of massage methods and functions that you and your family may choose can be stored with the appropriate M1 / M2 memory programs. All you need to do is press the button for two seconds after hearing a certain sound, and the automatic memory mode kicks into action.

Timer function

With this function, you can set the massage time according to your preferences, which will allow you to enjoy a continuous massage.

Komoder Massage technology

Due to their innovative function, the air pumps can operate in synchronization or continuously, in order to provide the motor force required for the air bags. Both the relaxation massage and the strong pressure of the air bags are precise and unique, which allows you to enjoy a refreshing massage.

The vertebrae are usually the cause for pain in the waist and back areas, as well as for a stiff neck. The Komoder massage chairs apply a state of the art international technology with a 3D detection function, which can identify the massage points according to your height. From the Fengchi point on your neck to the Yongquan point on your sole, this technology comprises 500 points on the entire body, providing you with a professional, comfortable, and invigorating physical therapy which solves the problems connected with poor health. Komoder health products are manufactured to specifications revealed as a result of medical testing.

Komoder KM420 Massage Chair

Automatic massage programs

Ache relief

Ache relief

15 minute automatic massage program that can focus on the points of your fatigue, providing you with a health service for the entire body.

Memory - athletes program

Memory - athletes program

The advanced accuracy and strength provided by the roller system combined with a comfortable air pressure shiatsu massage relieves fatigue acquired as a result of physical exercise, providing you with a healthy body.

Back and waist - housewives

Back and waist - housewives

Massage for relaxing your back and waist, actively acting on your lower back and thorax ligaments. Relaxes stiff muscles.

Comfort - elderly group

Comfort - elderly group

Full pressure massage from your neck to your soles, from your upper arms to your fingertips, will offer you an unequalled massage experience for your whole body.

Full air pressure, neck and shoulders - computer user group

Full air pressure, neck and shoulders - computer user group

Automatic comfortable massage program for your neck and shoulders, designed to make you feel good during the massage, easily relieving pain in the cervical vertebrae.

Waist stretch, pain relief  - beauty love group

Waist stretch, pain relief - beauty love group

Designed to relieve muscle ache and stiffness, by stretching your back muscles, relaxing your muscles, and relieving fatigue.

Intelligent mechanical hands

Intelligent mechanical massage hands constantly collect data on the curve of the back, emulating massage techniques employed by professional massage therapists, in order to offer you a stereo, multidimensional aspect massage. The intelligent massage hands emulate the methods used by professional massage therapists, in order to perform the following types of massage: kneading, squeezing, flapping, pressure, pushing, gripping, swinging and twisting.

Komoder KM420 Massage Chair
Komoder KM420 Massage Chair

Body relief

The stretching of your arms, back, and legs is recommended for stimulating bone regeneration, for relieving muscle tension and stiffness of the joints. This stretching action is achieved by the massage cushions for the shoulders, arms, and legs.

The Komoder KM420 massage chair is designed for a variety of users, having innovative automatic massage programs which offer you an individual massage that will satisfy your diverse expectations.

Komoder KM420 Massage Chair

Free calf rest extension

Depending on the user’s height, the calf rest can be extended freely, by up to 15 cm, which ensures a full body massage, according to the individual height of each user.

The Komoder KM420 massage chair is recommended for:



Reduces muscle ache in the case of people who perform physical labor at work

Persoane care petrec timp la birou

Office workers

Treatment of the neck and shoulders for individuals who spend long hours in front of a computer.



Relaxation for students during their stressful periods and during their exam periods.

Persoane active

Active individuals

Reduces fatigue for individuals who are very active during the day.



Relaxation for athletes and therapy for their muscle aches.



Comfort for the elderly.

Doamne şi domnisoare


Physiotherapy for the posture of individuals who care about their looks.

Persoane casnice


Back and waist treatment for housewives.

Therapy - 12 points

FENGCHI Point - Calms the liver and disperses wind, has a detox effect; recommended for headaches and toothaches.

TIAN LIAO Point - Disperses wind and humidity. Clears the meridians and soothes pain; aids cervical vertebrae, stiff neck problems, etc.

BINGFENG Point - Disperses wind and humidity; improves coughing, reducing expectoration; recommended for scapulohumeral periarthritis, bronchitis, etc.

XINSHU Point - Soothes chest stuffiness, regulates the Qi, activating collateral, calms the nerves and improves many heart conditions.

GANSHU Point - Soothes the liver and the gallbladder, regulates the Qi and strengthens the eyesight, improves many liver conditions.

SHENGSHU Point - Strengthens the kidneys and supports the Yang, strengthens the waist and has a strong water-retention effect; improves many kidney conditions.

NEIGUAN Point (of the highest importance for a healthy heart) - Calms the mind, regulates the Qi and soothes pain, aids the heart and improves many heart conditions.

HAND SANLI Point - Clears the heart and improves eyesight, regulates the gastrointestinal system; fit for waist,

massage points

Technical Specifications and Features

Reclining/extension protection Yes
Full back massage Yes
Electric reclining backrest Yes
Leg rest with massage capability Electrically extensible
Buttock air bags Yes. 8 air bags for the legs and buttocks.
Calf air bags 8 air bags for calves and soles.
Massage rollers 2D
Air bags 28 air bags in all.
Air pumps 1.
Valves 7
Buttock massage Yes
Relaxing massage and position Yes
Calf massage Yes
Reflex therapy Yes
Sole massage Yes
Remote Control Yes.
Upholstery Ecological, antibacterial leather.
Weight of chair (kg) 97 kg
Power supply 220 - 230V
Komoder KM420 Dimensions
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Verified reviews for KM420 massage chair:

The first experience was great! - from , October 2017. Rating: 5 of 5 points

"Last night, the chair is brought by an extremely friendly Romanian. He dragged the chair along with help of my wife to our house. The car can not come to the door. After I came home from work, we unpacked the chair and placed. I have to bend a part of the footrest to mount. Furthermore, I'm going to see today if I tilt a run-up sound, can solve. Yesterday my family has already been a first time in the chair and the first experience was great!

Jan Larooij"

Rating: 5 out of 5, by 1 client

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