Sanyo HEC DR7700K Massage Chair

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Full Massage for Lower and Upper Back, Hip and Leg.

This massage chair is famous for his antigravity system, an innovating feature.

The Sanyo HEC DR 7700K massage chair has a unique shape and a wide reclining angle so that the user’s knees are lifted above the level of his heart.

Zero Gravity Position.

This is a very important feature because this mechanism enables the zero gravity position that has a truly positive effect on your back’s health. In this position the body weight is uniformly distributed and the pressure on the spine is reduced.

More than Just Relaxation.
Therapeutic Effect.

The Sanyo HEC DR 7700K massage chair is not only destined to relax you, but by a series of innovative techniques this model guarantees a strong therapeutic effect, making it an important competitor on the market.

Sanyo HEC DR7700K Reflex Therapy Massage Chair

Important Features

Reversible Controller

The wide and multicolour controller keeps the user informed and in control of the massage at all times.

Body Shape Sensor

Automatically adjusts rollers to the user’s body shape, to offer the most efficient massage.

Body Stiffness Sensor

User’s pulse and perspiration are monitored through the skin, detecting tensed areas and focusing the massage to relax them.

Mouse Remote Control

Contains a detection sensor and a control button to adjust delicate massage.

ExtenYesble Footrest

To adjust to the height of each person using this massage chair.

Detachable Head Pad and Back Pad

To better control the intensity of the massage.

Repeat Function

To ensure the continuity of the massage.

Sanyo HEC DR7700K is recommended for:

massage chair recommended for Workers


Reduces muscle pain for people who make considerable physical effort.

massage chair recommended for Computer Users

Computer Users

Neck and shoulder treatment for people spending a lot of time in front of the computer.

massage chair recommended for Students


Relaxing massage for students during exams or periods of stress.

massage chair recommended for Dynamic People

Dynamic People

Fatigue relief for people how are very active during the Yesy.

massage chair recommended for Sportsmen


Relaxation and muscle relief therapy for people who practice sports intensively.

massage chair recommended for Elderly


Comfort for the elderly.

massage chair recommended for Ladies


Posture physiotherapy for women concerned with their looks.

massage chair recommended for Housewives


Back and waist treatment for people who stay at home.

Sanyo HEC DR7700K Reflex Therapy Massage Chair

Detects, Listens, Acts.

This massage chair is designed with a reversible controller, with a multicolour display, that keeps users informed about the massage programs and tensed areas at all times.

Detects Muscle Stiffness

Another unique feature that distinguishes this massage chair from similar products on the market is the sensor that detects stiffness, pain and fatigue. Based on the input received from this sensor, the massage chair focuses the massage actions on these areas.

2 Zero Gravity Modes

Zero Gravity 1

In this mode the backrest, footrest and seat automatically adjust to the perfect and natural position of the body. All massage functions are available in this mode.

Zero Gravity 2

In this mode, the legs are lifted higher and the backrest is reclined to improve blood circulation and to induce extreme relaxation. 24 independent airbags work on the lower body, legs, ankles and calves with a slight compression movement.

Sanyo HEC DR7700K Reflex Therapy Massage Chair

Exclusive Shiatsu Multi-Point Technique for the Legs

Airbag massage for the legs delicately releases discomfort in this area and offers a deep relaxation sensation for the feet, ankles, calves and soles. Heating options provide for an improved blood circulation.

Advanced Technology: GK Rollers + Heating

Rollers for the neck and shoulders are redesigned with a wider extension. This way the massage covers the entire neck area down to the shoulders, bringing you to a state of complete relaxation.

Manual Massage

(can be combined)


Maximum therapeutic effect that stimulates the flow of energy. Recommended especially for neck and shoulders.


Intense massage session. Offers maximum stimulation and muscle relaxation.


This massage technique constitutes of maintaining and releasing pressure to relieve deep tissue tension and relax muscles.


Simulates human hands fast tapping on back muscles, offering an invigorating and reviving sensation.

Product Specifications

5 Automatic Programs for the Whole Body Yes
4 Manual Modes Yes
Massage Combinations 83 including 3D massage
Reclining Angle 170°
Chair Cover Ecological antibacterial leather
Footrest Yes
Reflex Therapy Yes
Calf Massage Yes
Airbag Pressure (calf) Yes
Speed 5
Automatic Reclining Yes
Program Display Yes , LCD
Airbags Yes
Foot and Calf Massage Yes
Rated Power 290W
Hand and Arm Massage Yes
Hip and Waist Massage Yes
Pelvis and Buttocks Massage Yes
Controller Remote control + mouse
Headrest Yes
Wheels Yes
Dimensions – upright position (H x W x D) (cm) Approx. 134 x 73 x 121
Dimensions – Reclined Position (H x W x D) (cm) Approx. 76 x 73 x 182
Package Weight (kg) 79 kg
Maximum User Weight (kg) 120 kg
Rated Voltage 220 - 230V
Technology japoneză
Available Colours Negru şi Bej
Sanyo HEC DR7700K Reflex Therapy Massage Chair

Zero Gravity Massage and Relaxation.

This massage chair is famous for his antigravity system, an innovating feature.

Inspired by the Space Program

The source of inspiration for the Zero Gravity position is the position of the chair used by the United State’s space program for astronauts.

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