Sanyo HEC DR8700K Massage Chair

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Great Effect on Your Health.

A unique characteristic of the Sanyo HEC DR8700K massage chair is its effect on physical as well as psychological health, the later being frequently responsible for physical discomfort.

Stiffness and Stress Detection Sensor.

This is possible due to the innovation this model brings to the market: sensors to detect stiff and stressed body areas. Once these areas are identified, the Sanyo HEC DR8700K massage chair will personalize the massage so that it is perfectly adapted to users’ needs and at the end of the massage session they are fully satisfied.

Stress Sensor.

This is an innovating mechanism on the market. This sensor identifies your level of stress. You only need to input your age and grab the sensor with both hands. The sensor will record pulse fluctuations, display the result and provide the best combination of massage techniques to reduce unwanted stress.

Massage Chair Sanyo HEC DR8700K

3 Zero Gravity Modes

Zero Gravity 1

In this mode the backrest, footrest and seat automatically adjust to the perfect and natural position of the body. All massage functions are available in this mode.

Zero Gravity 2

In this mode, the legs are lifted higher and the backrest is reclined to improve blood circulation and to induce extreme relaxation. The airbags work on the lower body, legs, ankles and calves with a slight compression movement.

Zero Gravity 3

This feature is also an innovation. In this mode the reclining is even greater, offering a body stretching session. This technique improves flexibility by increasing the blood flow. Higher flexibility means a better mobility.

GK Rollers Advanced Technology

Rollers for the neck and shoulders are redesigned with a wider extension. This way the massage covers the entire neck area down to the shoulders, bringing you to a state of complete relaxation.

Neck and Shoulders Innovative Massage

This massage chair uses a new technique based on roller movement that reproduces thumb pressure techniques applied by professional massage therapists. Shoulder tension is usually attributed to low blood flow in the trapezius. The massage works on this muscle using kneading and grasping techniques to relieve tension in the neck and shoulders.

Exclusive Shiatsu Multi-Point Technique for the Legs

Airbag massage for the legs delicately releases discomfort in this area and offers a deep relaxation sensation for the feet, ankles, calves and soles. Heating options provide for an improved blood circulation.

Other Important Features

Remote Control

Includes the detection sensor and is designed with buttons that allow you to adjust the intensity of the massage.

Reversible Controller

The wide and multicolour controller keeps the user informed and in control of the massage at all times.

Repeat Function

To ensure the continuity of the massage.

Detachable Head Pad and Back Pad

To better control the intensity of the massage.

ExtenYesble Footrest

For the massage chair to be efficiently used by persons of different heights, the footrest is extenYesble using a sliding mechanism.

Massage Chair Sanyo HEC DR8700K


The Sanyo HEC DR8700K massage chair takes technology one step closer to professional massage therapists. Thus, this model deserves its place amongst the top Sanyo massage chairs..

9 Automatic programs

(The 3 sensor detection systems are what make these automatic programs special. They are designed to work on affected areas in order to ameliorate muscle pain or tension.)

1. Body Shape Sensor

Automatically adjusts rollers based on your body shape, to ensure the efficiency of the massage.

2. Body Stiffness Sensor

This sensor identifies stiff, tensed or uncomfortable body areas by observing your physical reactions, focusing the massage on these areas.

3. EXCLUSIV – Stress Sensor

This is an innovating mechanism on the market. This sensor identifies your level of stress. You only need to input your age and grab the sensor with both hands. The sensor will record pulse fluctuations, display the result and provide the best combination of massage techniques to reduce unwanted stress.

5 Massage Techniques

(can be combined)

1. Roller Massage

Rollers move up and down the spine to reduce cervical discs tension and slightly relax the muscles.

2. Acupressure Massage

This program is specially designed to control the acupressure points by simulating the thumb pressure action conducted by professional massage therapists.

3. Tapping

Simulates human hands fast tapping on back muscles, offering an invigorating and reviving sensation.

4. Kneading

It is a cycle of repeating kneading actions. It offers a maximum therapeutic and profound effect that stimulates the energy flow.

5. Compression

Multiple rollers reproduce gentle palm pressure. Especially designed to relax muscles.

Product Specifications

9 Automatic Programs Yes
Manual Mode Yes
Zero Gravity Modes 3
Massage Combinations 100 (including roller, acupressure, compression, tapping and kneading massage techniques)
Reclining Angle 170°
Chair Cover Ecological antibacterial leather
Speed 5
Timer 15-30 minute
Automatic Reclining Yes
Program Display Yes
Airbags Yes
Reflex Therapy Yes
Foot and Calf Massage Yes
Sensor 3 (body shape, stiffness, stress)
Rated Power 200-290W
Hip Air Pressure Massage Yes
Back Air Pressure Massage Yes
Controller Yes
Headrest Yes
Footrest Yes
Dimensions – upright position (H x W x D) (cm) Approx. 122 x 73 x 138
Dimensions – Reclined Position (H x W x D) (cm) Approx. 74 x 73 x 193
Rollers Yes
Net Weight (kg) 106 kg
Maximum User Weight (kg) 120 kg
Rated Voltage 220 - 230V
ETL Approval Yes
Re-launched in 2013 Panasonic EP-MA58
Technology Japanese
Colours Black
Massage Chair Sanyo HEC DR8700K

Designed Especially for You.

Sanyo HEC DR8700K is designed for people who see massage as a full, complete and absolute therapeutic concept. No doubt that after you will experience the luxurious treatment offered by this product, you will fall in love with it forever.

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