The new Tokuyo TC-672 ZeroGravity massage chair, featuring an L-shaped 130 cm massage rail, back heating, and foot rollers. The latest Tokuyo model.

Tokuyo TC-672 Zero Gravity Massage Chair
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The massage chair improves your sleep and relaxes your muscles

The Tokuyo TC-672 massage chair helps relieve stress and stiff muscles. It provides a comfortable massage experience focusing on the relaxation of the waist and back. The TC-672 massage chair is the best choice for those suffering from insomnia, because it helps improve sleep quality. These massage techniques (tapping and kneading) will help your muscles relax, so you can leave your worries behind.

Tokuyo TC-672 Massage Chair

Are you suffering from lower back or muscle pain?

Whether you want an intense full body massage or just a delicate one, the TC-672 is the perfect choice for you. The massage chair will detect your height and will adapt accordingly.

Choose this massage chair with confidence!

Most users have noticed that the massage chair even identifies the neuralgic spots, the pain areas, and acts on those areas in different ways.

Tokuyo TC-672 Massage Chair
Tokuyo TC-672 Massage Chair

ZeroGravity – The massage chair reclines to the perfect massage position

The massage in the zero gravity position relaxes the body; by pressing a single key, the back and shoulders are simultaneously brought into the zero gravity position, the lowest position being 70 degrees, after which the chair assumes the appropriate massage position. The massage rollers make much better contact with the lower back area, allowing your whole body to enjoy an effective massage.

Experience a new massage method in these weightlessness (zero gravity) positions.

The massage chair scans your back and adapts in a smart way

The new TC-672 is equipped with an automatic shoulder positioning system, which scans your back before each massage session in order to detect the user’s height and weight, for a perfectly customized massage.

Effective roller system

The new TC-672 massage chair is equipped with a set of silent intelligent mechanical hands which will move up and down, forward and backward, as well as sideways. These mechanical hands help detect each user’s parameters (weight and height).

Tokuyo TC672 massage chair with scanning
Tokuyo TC672 massage chair for all users

Arms massage with multilayer airbags

Using a material whose PH is very similar to that of your skin, the massage chair performs an air pressure massage on your arms with the aim of stimulating blood circulation as the airbags squeeze the upper and lower parts of your arms as well as your hands.

massage area

The legrest extends automatically.

The legrest is an updated, improved version that can extend by up to 8.5 cm, which means that the massage chair is also suitable for taller individuals.

The legrest extends automatically.

Calf massage with massage rollers and airbags.

Airbags of different shapes wrap around your legs, ankles, and feet, providing a Zusanli point massage (which are acupoints involved in the treatment of bowel stress and lesions of the stomach’s mucous membrane).

Reflex therapy

This massage method involves alternating squeeze, stop, and release actions, which will relax your body.

massage area
Save space with Tokuyo TC672
Tokuyo TC672

Full back massage using rollers along a 130 cm L-shaped track

The massage chair uses a special technology which involves a curved L-shaped rail, which is the result long research combined with the latest discoveries in the field. The rail along which the massage system glides is 130 cm long, which provides a customized massage from head to toe. You can enjoy maximum relaxation thanks to the approximately 130 cm long L-shaped roller track.

massage area

Guasha sole massage

Emulates human touch and provides an advanced roller technology, offering you a Guasha massage as if performed by a professional massage therapist. With its 3 cm radius and focusing on the Yongquan point on the soles, this massage can be delicate and continuous, but it can also be stronger, depending on what you selected using the remote control.


Important functions

Neck massage

Daily massage can help prevent neck spondylosis, headaches, and cerebrovascular diseases (blood vessels of the brain).

Stimulates blood circulation

The massage helps dilate the blood vessels, stimulates the blood flow in the body, improves the ability of the myocardium (heart) to supply oxygen, and enhances the functions of the heart.

Psychological health

The massage can improve stress-related issues, relaxing the body and the mind and thus improving the physical functions of the body.

Shoulder area air massage

The main cause for shoulder pain is the fact that blood flow to the neck area is insufficient. After an air pressure neck massage, you will notice that the pain has gone away.

Air pressure hand massage

We use the mouse quite often at work, which may cause pain in our wrists; however, the new generation air pressure massage can relieve the pain in your wrists.

Detachable cushion-pad

The massage chair is equipped with a detachable cushion-pad for improved comfort during massage. However, if you wish to have an enhanced massage effect, you can remove the cushion-pad for a stronger massage, so you may enjoy an even more refreshing massage effect.

Convex points for sole massage

According to the convex points conceived for foot massage, in strict accordance with the massage method adopted by professional massage therapists, your soles will be massaged in the Yongquan points, whether it’s a fixed, delicate massage or a progressively stronger massage, both of which will provide a state of comfort.

Air pressure calf and sole massage

This product uses high power airbags, which distribute different levels of air pressure from your calves to the soles of your feet, thus reducing the pressure felt in both legs and relieving the feeling of sluggishness in your legs. The massage can be performed according to the human hands method or air pressure method.

The massage chair follows the curvature of the spine

Having an accurate ergonomic S-shaped design, it accurately follows the spine.

A massage chair like a professional massage therapist

The chair emulates the movements of a massage therapist, fully wrapping around your calves and feet. A soothing, spa-type experience.

Heating function for Tokuyo TC-672 massage chair

Back heating systems, perfect in winter.

Massage leads to relaxation, which improves sleep quality and improves physical functions. Back heating complements these functions and sets the Tokuyo TC-672 apart from other massage chairs.

Remote control Tokuyo-TC-672 massage chair

LCD remote control for full control. Very easy to use.

The TC-672 is provided with an easy-to-use, easy-to-handle remote control with easy key access. The remote control is placed in a separate pocket, which protects it from dust. Also, the remote control is highly intuitive and very easy to use, even without your studying the user’s manual.

It boasts one of the largest displays (5”) to allow you to easily see the chair’s active functions.

Tokuyo TC672

Professional massage procedures sets

May be used by different types of individuals at different moments during the day

The massage procedures specific to morning massage, afternoon massage, and sleep-improving massage are capable of meeting your physical, mental, and psychological requirements throughout the day.

Manual stimulation massage

The manual stimulation massage may be adjusted up/down. Types of manual massage: rubbing, tapping, rubbing and tapping, area massage, fixed point massage.

Rubbing massage

Designed to emulate rubbing massage performed with the thumbs, this method rubs the selected massage area.

Tapping massage

Tapping speed can be adjusted. It offers different types of massage, according on your requirements.

Rubbing and tapping massage

The massage chair can perform rubbing and tapping massage at the same time, thus providing a massage at different intensity levels, according to each user’s requirements.

Area massage

Different massage areas may be selected and the massage can be performed in different positions.

Fixed point massage

When the massage rollers move up and down, the selection key may be stopped in order to obtain a massage in a specific area.

Changing the massage rollers position

The rollers move at three different speed rates and in three different widths. When adjusting the roller width, three levels are available: narrow, medium, and wide.


Massage intensity can be adjusted depending on the massage area. Three intensity levels are available for you to choose from.


Added heating massage – you may turn on or off the heating function of the massage chair.

Foot massage rollers

Turn on or off the calf and sole massage function.


Full back massage Yes. L-shaped
Automatic height adjustment for back massage Yes
Power reclining backrest Yes
Reclining legrest Yes.
Back massage rollers Yes
Foot massage rollers Yes
Reflex Therapy (foot massage) Yes
Upholstery Ecological, antibacterial leather.
Rated input voltage 220 - 230V
Recommended user height approx. 155 - 200 cm
Massage chair weight (kg) 120 kg
User’s maximum weight (kg) 110 kg
Roller track length 130 cm
LCD remote control Yes
Tokuyo TC672
colors tc672
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