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Komoder Albert Zero Gravity massage chair is equipped with zero gravity position and complete massage. Albert's armchair has L-shaped massage for extended massage. Choose Albert massage chair for the special price.
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2 reviews
FOCUS II Massage Chair
FOCUS II Massage Chair with 12 automated massage programs, heating function, voice command, space saver, zero gravity, Bluetooth music player. A design that suits your needs! Choose the FOCUS II massage chair for a daily, unique massage experience!
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0 reviews
Komoder Veleta is the latest massage chair from the Komoder 2020 range. The massage chair has a long 137 cm massage range, offers back and foot heating and a full 3D massage. Choose Komoder Veleta at a Discount Price. Free shipping.
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8 reviews
Everest 2020 massage chair with SL system and preliminary scanning. Choose Everest for a complete massage for the back, shoulders, neck, legs, soles. Free Shipping
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1 reviews
Victoria is the latest massage chair of the new Komoder Design range. The chair has a long 135 cm massage range and offers a heating function and a complete massage. Choose the Komoder VICTORIA at a Discount Price. Free delivery.
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1 reviews
Focus is the latest massage chair in the 2020 range. The chair has a 135-centimeter long massage range and provides heating and full body massage. Choose the Komoder Focus at a promotional price. Free delivery.
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2 reviews
Luxury 4D Massage Chair with 8 heated back rollers, bluetooth, voice control, heating system for back and legs, 12 automatic programs.
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4 reviews
JOY Massage Chair. Full Body Massage Chair with heating and Zero Gravity functions, Bluetooth and USB port.
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2 reviews
Panasonic EP MA70 massage chair with heating function, with 6 preset massage programs and 6 manual massage programs. The Panasonic EP MA70 offers Shiatsu massage and Swedish massage (rolling and tapping, and many other massage combinations). Free Shipping.
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2 reviews
LUXOR Massage Chair simply cannot be beat - 3D L-Track 130 cm roller massage, calf and feet rollers, full body air massage, and two-stage zero gravity all work in harmony to create a special massage experience. Order now. Free Shipping for you.
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2 reviews
Inada 3S Flex
Inada 3S Flex is a japanese massage chair equipped with the latest 3D roller massage technology. The Inada 3S is a massage chair with leg and arm heating systems. For a complete massage, choose the 3S Flex. Free Shipping.
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3 reviews
Inada DreamWave
Inada DreamWave is a Japanese massage chair - the best massage technology in the world. The DreamWave is the best-known massage chair worldwide. Choose the DreamWave and enjoy its 3D heating massage. Free Shipping.
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4 reviews
Inada Duet
Inada Duet is a new generation Japanese massage chair with two massage motors. Choose the Inada Duet now and enjoy 3D massage in the Zero Gravity massage position. Free Shipping.
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3 reviews

FOCUS II - Experience the services of a restless massage specialist who masters 12 automatic programs and 6 massage tehniques

Discover the brand new FOCUS II

LUXURY 4D - The best 4D massage experience!

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