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Top 3 Luxurious, Stress and Pain Relief Massage Chairs

There’s only one thing more luxurious than a stress-relief massage: luxury massages on demand, whenever you want them, with your very own luxury massage chair. »

How a professional massage chair can improve the way you live

For many, having your own professional massage chair at home is the dream life upgrade. »

5 Important Things To Consider Before Buying a Home Massage Chair

Are you looking for a massage chair for all over, full body relaxation or are you specifically looking to relieve pain in one area or pressure point? »

Best reclining chairs in Europe - how to choose the one that’ll fit your needs

Sit down, lie back… and relax. A reclining massage chair is your key to ultimate escapism - wherever you are, whenever you like. »

In-office massage - why it’s good for employees, too

A massage chair can take your office culture to new levels of productivity and positivity, cultivating a stress-free environment that your employees thrive in. »

Massage chairs and your mental health

At Komoder, we know that the benefits of having your own personal, high-quality massage chair can be even more life-changing than simply easing your muscles, or relaxing after a long day. »

7 benefits of electric massage chairs

If you own an electric massage chair, you’ll already know the near-infinite benefits of using them. »

Full body massage chairs: Massage chairs for back pain relief

High-quality massage chairs can be crucial to relieving back pain, with massage proven to decrease pain, ease tension and boost dopamine. Plus, massage provides an effective all-natural alternative to otherwise harsh pain relief drugs. »