About Komoder

Here at Komoder we are constantly mindful of the quality of the products and services we offer. We permanently innovate and seek the best solutions to incorporate into our products. A massage chair is an investment in our health and quality of life, which is why our policy is to be the best and to deliver to our customers a memorable experience, not just a product.

We have adapted and integrated the technology into every operational aspect of the Komoder group of companies, which strongly sets us apart.

As market leaders, with almost 10 years of experience, we are proud to provide our Komoder products to our customers in a variety of domains: real estate, medical, IT&C, tourism, etc.

The Komoder Group

With over 40 employees in 10 different European locations, our aim is to be an active company with a presence and with a market leader reputation. We constantly endeavor to optimize deliveries, so that the experience our customers seek is delivered at high standards.

Our Products

In every domain, efficiency and high standards are the key to success for all of us. At Komoder, we have expertise in relaxation products and we specialize in therapeutic massage chairs. The customer is the focus of our attention and we contribute to creating a healthier society. Through technology and innovation, we invest value into our products and improve our customers’ quality of life.


We have implemented and developed an integrated delivery and handling service. We have a pool of over 8 vans and we deliver each product with care and responsibility, avoiding delays. Thanks to the level of attention we pay to this integrated service, we manage to meet even the most quirky challenges in terms of logistics.

2021 – The New Komoder Showroom Lyon, France
10 rue Casimir Perier Lyon 69002
Find more at www.komoder.fr

2021 – The New Komoder Showroom London, United Kingdom
Cannon Wharf, CF. 301 - Pell St, Surrey Quays, London SE8 5EN
Find more at www.komoder.co.uk

2020 – The New Komoder Showroom Milano, Italy
Piazza Aspromonte, 51 - 20131 Milano (MI), Milano
Find more at www.komoder.it

2020 – The New Komoder Showroom Budapest, Hungary
1013 Budapest, Pauler utca 15, Budapest
Find more at www.komoder.hu

2020 – The Komoder Showroom Madrid, Spain
Moraleja Green, Avenida de Europa, 13, 1A Planta, Madrid
Find more at www.komoder.es

2020 – The New Komoder Showroom Rotterdam, Netherlands
Weissenbruchlaan 86 (3054 LR), Rotterdam
Find more at www.komoder.nl

2019 – The New Komoder Showroom Bucharest, Romania
42D Șoseaua București-Ploiești, Bucharest – at Băneasa Shopping City
Find more at www.komoder.ro

2019 – The New Komoder Showroom Timișoara, Romania
Piața Consiliul Europei 2, IULIUS TOWN TIMIȘOARA
Find more at www.komoder.ro

2018 – The New Komoder Showroom Iași, Romania
7A Palas – at Palas Mall
Find more at www.komoder.ro

2018 – The New Komoder Showroom Cluj-Napoca, Romania
53B Alexandru Vaida Voevod St., Cluj-Napoca – at Iulius Mall Cluj
Find more at www.komoder.ro

2018 – The Komoder Showroom Barcelona, Spain
March 2018 – Komoder opens a Showroom in Barcelona - Carrer de Tuset 21, 08006 Barcelona
Find more at www.komoder.es

2018 – Komoder Showroom Sofia, Bulgaria
March 2018 – Komoder opens a Showroom in Sofia - ул. Цар Асен 45, 1000 София, България
Find more at www.komoder.bg

Service. Warranty

Komoder massage chair warranty. The Komoder Service Department promptly responds to our customers when they need servicing. We sort out any servicing-related issue, we extend our warranty free of charge, we have any spare part in stock (and in case we don’t, we will replace your product). You can check out the Warranty and Service page for components and spare parts for our massage chairs on our website.

Massage chair specialists!

A massage chair is a product that you acquire for your own health and which must be chosen on the advice of specialists. We are market leaders and are available for you at all times in order that your choice may be an informed one and so that the quality and experience you seek be truly memorable.

Why choose Komoder

We have a solid team, built up over time, which is a competitive edge that Komoder has.

We ensure post-purchase technical support, which is something that sets us apart.

We offer flexible payment methods and multiple financing methods, both B2B and B2C.

We have developed a competent team, capable of successfully dealing with the logistical challenges posed by our customers.

Social Media

We hereby invite you to access Komoder’s Blog, our Komoder Instagram page, our Komoder Video gallery on YouTube and our Komoder Facebook page, where you will always find useful advice and information about how to properly use a massage chair, what to look out for when purchasing a massage chair, and where you can test Komoder massage chairs.