Benefits of massage chair usage

With your own massage chair on hand, you’ll never again have to book in to see a masseuse, travel to visit them, fit into their schedule, fit that trip into your schedule - and pay each time.

  1. Relaxes the body and mind
  2. Boosts the immunity of your body
  3. Increased Energy
  4. Posture Correction

Relaxes the body and mind

After using a Komoder massage chair you'll start feeling relieve from stress and even anxiety. Using regularly these kind of chairs will bring you slowly a alleviation of pain, including headaches/migraines.
Customers have also reported that the usage of a massage chair helps them stay mentally and physically fit, improving their alertness at work and handle way better the every day routine.

Boosts the immunity of your body

This is happening due to various reasons such as stimulation of the lymphatic system, improved blood circulation and thus the circulation of oxygen to the extremities.
On the other hand, a massage chair can help you having a much better sleep because of the relaxation you feel. The cortisol level, wich is our body’s main stress hormone, can decrease considerably after a proper massage, wich can also help with the digestive disorders.

Increased energy

Improved blood circulation and a better oxygenations of your body will result in an increased energy level.
The stretching of your body, wich is another option of the most massage chairs, will lead as well to dilution of the lungs, thus you can feel how your breathing will change.
One of the most importat benefits of a massagechair is the reduced muscle tension that you'll feel regularly, and of course after workout or great effort a session in the chair improves your muscles recovery.

Posture Correction

Massage relaxes the overworked and stressed muscles and reduces the muscles pain, wich leads automatically to an enhanced posture of your body.
Improved mobility and flexibility and reduced pressure on the spine is also going to help you with the postural allignement.
The fact that you will keep your shoulders back and your feet shoulder-width apart are some other correction that you will notice.

TITAN II - The only massage chair with two independent massage systems on an SL rail. The precise scanning system, the 8-inch tablet, the fast wireless charging for your phone and the 24 automatic programs make TITAN II the most efficient massage chair at the moment.
view details
5 reviews
PRIME Massage Chair
You’ll be missing home, when PRIME is waiting for you. This massage chair combines new generation technology with high quality design to give you the ultimate relaxing experience focused on strengthening your health. Take a break from life’s hectic rhythm in a safe “nest” designed to make your dreams come true!
view details
7 reviews
LUXURY 4D Massage Chair
Luxury 4D Massage Chair with 8 heated back rollers, bluetooth, voice control, heating system for back and legs, 12 automatic programs.
view details
6 reviews
FOCUS III Massage Chair
The new massage chair FOCUS III simulates 6 massage techniques and provides 15 automated massage programs. The air pressure massage is realised by using 24 double layered airbags, and, for a better comfort, the chair is equipped with 2 audio speakers, Bluetooth connectivity, tablet type of remote-control, voice command and, last but not least, an innovative heating system!
view details
3 reviews
VELETA II Massage Chair
VELETA II massage chair, equipped with a 4D massage robot, 23 automatic programs, 11 massage techniques, leg kneading, fast phone charging, voice control and many new functions!
view details
4 reviews
4D LUXURY II Massage Chair
The LUXURY II – the only massage chair with a 4D, 8 rollers mechanism operating on an ultra-long SL massage rail. Equipped with revolutionary system which can offer highly valuable information on each user’s health state. The real time monitoring of micro-circulation, hearth rate & blood oxygen for more balanced life.
view details
5 reviews
MARINA MEDICAL II massage chair with health check scanning system, adjustable 3D massage robot, 21 automatic programs, heating, zero gravity, bluetooth and voice control.
view details
4 reviews
VICTORIA II Massage Chair
VICTORIA II massage chair with calf kneading, heating system, voice control, space saver, zero gravity, and Bluetooth music. Choose the VICTORIA II – the first step to a better life.
view details
5 reviews
FOCUS II Massage Chair
FOCUS II Massage Chair with 12 automated massage programs, heating function, voice command, space saver, zero gravity, Bluetooth music player. A design that suits your needs! Choose the FOCUS II massage chair for a daily, unique massage experience!
view details
5 reviews
MONACO Massage Chair
MONACO massage chair with 12 massage programs, reflexology, heating system, space saver function, zero gravity, bluetooth music and voice control.
view details
5 reviews
ANDORRA Massage Chair
ANDORRA massage armchair with calves kneading, heating system, space saver, zero gravity, bluetooth music and voice control.
view details
1 reviews
ALBERT II Massage Chair
The ALBERT II massage chair is equipped with 8 automatic massage programs that offer a personalized massage according to user expectations.
view details
2 reviews
BARI II Massage Chair
[NEW MODEL] Bari II massage chair with SL massage system, Bluetooth music, heating, reflexology. Unique massage function - head massage with air cushions.
view details
4 reviews
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