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THERAPEUTIX 4D Massage Chair

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TITAN II Ultra High-end Dual Track Massage Chair
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Video Testimonial

Today I tested the Veleta II Deluxe massage chair, and my absolute favourite technique was the rollers and the kneading on my calves and on my feet. They just emulated human hands. I was absolutely amazed at all the options you can get having a 4D massage in this chair, incredible! From kneading to rollering to specific massages like shiatsu massage, all-over body massage, and even squeezing into the hands to massage the palms of the hands as well as the soles of the feet, an absolutely amazing 4D technique. I would certainly recommend this chair to others; it's like no other massage chair that exists, I think. People often in their mind have an image of that very basic, of that primitive massage chair, and they don't realize that this kind of chair exists and can deliver such an amazing and specific massage. So yes, I would recommend this chair to everyone!

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