In-office massage - why it’s good for employees, too

Your office may have delicious complimentary tea and coffee machines, design led breakout areas and even a fun team away day once a year. But, there’s one important upgrade to your office which you may not have yet considered, but can make a world of difference to your work culture: massage.

Yes, a massage chair can take your office culture to new levels of productivity and positivity, cultivating a stress-free environment that your employees thrive in. With your own corporate massage chair on hand, your staff will have on-demand massages, whenever they need them and the benefits of this are near-endless.

From health to improved quality of work and more, here’s why an in-office massage chair is great for your employees...

It reduces stress

High levels of stress at work can lead to low quality work, poor decision-making by staff, an increase in the sickness absence of employees and increased staff turnover. One effective way to resolve all of those issues by keeping your staff stress-free through massage. In fact, research shows that stress levels can be reduced by 85% after a relaxing massage.

Massage at work increases focus and mental clarity

We all know that taking a short break away from our screen or a complicated task improves our ability to tackle it. Taking that time to de-stress with a short massage takes that idea and amplifies it, with multiple workplace studies showing that individuals who used a massage chair at work showed improved alertness, mental agility and accuracy after experiencing the chair.

Greater staff satisfaction

Providing the best massage chair for your staff to use whenever they feel anxious or experience pain simply allows your employees to do a better job by being more relaxed, focussed and mentally agile. In turn, employees who are good at their job are simply happier at work - and that means a positive work culture and greater staff retention. Further, providing self-care options such as a massage chair show your staff that you care about their wellbeing and want to take care of them - which can make all the difference in whether a worker decides to stay in their current job or leave.

A massage chair saves money and time

Many organisations offer wellness benefits such as massages from dedicated masseuses or sports clinics for employees. But of course, these sessions involve staff having to take the time to travel to the massage location as well as high prices for paying those massage professionals each time. With a massage chair in the office, there’s no travel time, or a professional needing to be paid - your team can just sit back and relax, even for a short five or ten minute break, whenever is convenient to their schedule.

If you’re ready to take your employees’ wellbeing to the next level, visit the official Komoder site now to view the full range of massage chairs for sale in Europe, or to arrange your visit to one of our showrooms to test them for yourself.

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