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5 reviews
TITAN II Dual Track Massage Chair. You'll feel like royalty as you sink into the luxurious comfort of TITAN II and let the innovative massage technology work its magic.

Strandard Price: €12.990
7 reviews
Ultra-high-end KOMODER PRIME Massage Chair, latest massage technology, double 3D massage robot mechanism, 6 massage rollers, dual SL extra-long rails.

Strandard Price: €9.990
4 reviews
KOMODER VELETA II 4D massage chair, 23 automatic programs, 11 massage techniques, leg kneading, phone charging, voice control and many innovative functions

Strandard Price: €7.490
4 reviews
KOMODER FOCUS III massage chair, 6 massage techniques, 15 automated massage programs, 24 double layer airbags, tablet control and innovative heating system

Strandard Price: €4.990
1 reviews
VELETA II DELUXE massage chair, equipped with a 4D massage robot, 23 automatic programs, 11 massage techniques, leg kneading, fast phone charging, voice control and many new functions!

Strandard Price: €8.390
0 reviews
Therapeutix is ​​the latest KOMODER massage chair designed and executed after a thorough research of the human body. Fundamentally, this massage chair stores data and provides solutions to satisfy any type of user, elevating the massage to the next level.

Strandard Price: €8.990
0 reviews
EVEREST FLEX II is Komoder's first massage chair designed to please tall people as well! Today's technology offers us a multitude of combinations and solutions, and EVEREST FLEX II focuses on a perfect back massage from the first cervical vertebra to the last sacral vertebra.
Strandard Price: €5.090
Special Price: €4.690
0 reviews
The 4D NOVA DUO massage chair is equipped with two massage systems, 20 automatic programs, 9 massage techniques, voice control, Bluetooth, etc.

Strandard Price: €5.490
5 reviews
KOMODER VICTORIA 3D massage chair, 4 massage rollers, calf kneading, heating system, voice control, space saver, zero gravity, and Bluetooth connectivity

Strandard Price: €4.290
5 reviews
KOMODER FOCUS II 3D massage chair, 12 auto programs, heating, voice command, space saver, zero gravity and much more. Your daily massage experience!
Strandard Price: €4.090
Special Price: €3.690
5 reviews
MONACO massage chair with 12 massage programs, reflexology, heating system, space saver function, zero gravity, bluetooth music and voice control.

Strandard Price: €3.590
1 reviews
ANDORRA massage armchair with calves kneading, heating system, space saver, zero gravity, bluetooth music and voice control.

Strandard Price: €3.490
2 reviews
The ALBERT II massage chair is equipped with 8 automatic massage programs that offer a personalized massage according to user expectations.

Strandard Price: €3.090
0 reviews
This massage chair has been specially designed for companies looking to increase work productivity and employee well-being. A massage chair can serve as an incentive to counteract the routine and sedentary nature of modern workplace activities
Strandard Price: €5.990
Special Price: €4.090
0 reviews
The OPERA massage chair is equipped with a 3D massage mechanism along an SL rail, 12 automatic programs, and 5 special massage techniques
Strandard Price: €4.090
Special Price: €3.590

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THERAPEUTIX 4D Massage Chair

Honest Review
TITAN II Ultra High-end Dual Track Massage Chair
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Video Testimonial

Today I tested the Veleta II Deluxe massage chair, and my absolute favourite technique was the rollers and the kneading on my calves and on my feet. They just emulated human hands. I was absolutely amazed at all the options you can get having a 4D massage in this chair, incredible! From kneading to rollering to specific massages like shiatsu massage, all-over body massage, and even squeezing into the hands to massage the palms of the hands as well as the soles of the feet, an absolutely amazing 4D technique. I would certainly recommend this chair to others; it's like no other massage chair that exists, I think. People often in their mind have an image of that very basic, of that primitive massage chair, and they don't realize that this kind of chair exists and can deliver such an amazing and specific massage. So yes, I would recommend this chair to everyone!

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