Full body massage chairs: Massage chairs for back pain relief

What is full body massage chair?

This exclusive piece of equipment delivers professional-quality massages conveniently and at any time and can be installed at a therapist’s office or at home. What sets high-end, full-body massage chairs apart from a massage cushion or a piece of furniture with added features are its unique design and advanced functionalities. Read more »

Did you know that massage chairs can relieve back pain better than any other treatment? High-quality massage chairs can be crucial to relieving back pain, with massage proven to decrease pain, ease tension and boost dopamine. Plus, massage provides an effective all-natural alternative to otherwise harsh pain relief drugs.

It’s welcome news, as back pain is the leading cause of disability in Europe, with 1 in 6 of us experiencing first-hand how debilitating it can be.

Thankfully, on-demand massages from a luxury massage chair could provide the natural relief you’ve been searching for - all from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Here’s how:

Komoder massage chairs relieve back pain using the latest in massage technology

The result of years of research, Komoder’s full-body massage chairs combine innovative air pillow technology to envelope you in a ‘hug’ effect, all over, while using multiple dimensions of rollers to give you a massage from head to toe using technology dubbed “intelligent hands” to deliver the best massage of your life, whenever you want it.

Massage chairs with heat for your lower back

Many of Komoder’s massage chairs, such as the high-end Titan II, through to the more entry-level Nova II, feature a cozy heating system which gradually warms the air pillows in the lumbar area to incorporate heat into your lower back area and boost your back pain relief as a result. Meanwhile, the beautiful Adriatica uses carbon fibre as an infrared heating source. Not only is it ideal for treating lumbar pain, but it’s especially relaxing during winter.

Improving blood flow to ease back pain

Using an electric massage boosts your blood flow, which increases circulation and the ability for nutritional elements to be absorbed into those muscles. Increased lymphatic circulation makes the massaged area feel better muscles and tissues. Increasing lymphatic circulation clears toxins out of these areas. Together, this leaves the area feeling revitalized, relaxed and far more pain-free.

Reduce tension in your back

Tightness in the lower back can lead to terrible back pain - but a full body massage can relieve that tension and promote flexibility in the area, immensely reducing the pain associated with it.

Regular full body massages are ideal for chronic pain

Treating yourself to one luxury massage year will not relieve your back pain, but often, that’s all people do and expect to see results. Instead, if you experience back pain, massages should not be seen as a luxury but a health necessity. That’s because research shows that to achieve the best pain relief results, massages should be consistent: the more often you receive massages, the greater the pain relief effects will be. Having your own massage chair is the key to making this happen, fitting regular massages into your schedule without having to make appointments in advance, travel to them, or pay for expensive professional masseuses.

Head to the Komoder store now to instantly relieve your own back pain with a luxurious massage chair, browse the full range on offer, view massage chair prices, and to arrange a showroom visit to try the pain-relieving properties for yourself.

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