About Komoder

About us

Komoder is the largest importer of massage chairs in Eastern and Western Europe. Our suppliers are selected on the basis of quality criteria, we always seek customer satisfaction, therefore the opinions of our customers are the most important for us.

The beginnings

In 2016, Adrian launched the website komoder.com and expanded the massage chair industry across Europe. He launched numerous models of massage chairs such as Panasonic (MA70, MA10, MA59) Humantouch (HT7450, Acutouch, iJoy) and later the range of Japanese Inada armchairs (Sogno, X1, Yume). Komoder quickly became an authorized Inada dealer. Infrared scanning technology, 3D roller massage amazes the market but above all, the Inada Dreamwave model is becoming increasingly sought after.

Late 2016, early 2017 launched the iRest range and the famous models such as: A30-6, A18-3, A70 and A33.

The expansion in Europe

In the years to come, Komoder opens showrooms in various countries such as Bulgaria, Spain, the Netherlands and so on. Delivery times have been optimized, the relationship with transport partners was growing and the product range increased dramatically, and in the years 2018-2019 exports represent the company's sales goal.

New models of massage chairs

Models like KM300 - KM400 VICTORIA - KM500 FOCUS - KM7800 3D - KM9000 Luxury 4D - KM9500 Capsule 4D - Inada 3S Flex - Inada Duet - Inada Dreamwave


We have become direct producers of the Komoder range and have customized the armchair models according to the preferences of our customers to satisfy the most demanding extravagances.

Why choose Komoder

- Because over the past 7 years we have tested hundreds of massage chairs and we know which models are reliable and which models give rise to warranty issues.

- Because we offer you the opportunity to test massage chairs before buying.

- Because we can also provide technical support in case of malfunction.

- Because we offer you several payment options to choose from.

- Because we are a team of 12 young people active throughout Europe.