Albert 3D Zero Gravity massage chair with heating, music via Bluetooth, 130 cm SL massage system.




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3D massage rollers Speakers with Bluetooth Zero Gravity System Back heating
Intelligent scanning mechanism Forward sliding system to save space Reflexotherapy (foot massage) SL massage cushion 130 cm
Albert Massage Chair
Albert Massage Chair

Massage from neck to feet.

This new massage chair is able to adapt to the characteristics of the human body and contains the following functions and possibilities: zero-gravity, zero-wall technology, full body massage with air cushions, 130 cm SL-track massage, guasha rollers for the soles and a bluetooth audio system for music. This Komoder massage chair gives you the ultimate massage experience in your home and helps you stay healthy and active every day.

Full body massage.

The innovative function of the air pump, can work synchronously and continuously, to provide the necessary power to all air cushions that will massage you. Both the relaxation massage and the strong pressure of the air cushions are precise and unique, so that you can enjoy a refreshing, soft or deep massage.

Albert Massage Chair

Ease of use: a simple adjustment button

The new Albert massage chair is complex, but also very easy to use. You have a single adjustment button that allows you to control all the massage positions you can experience. You no longer need to stop during the massage cycle to change the massage position. You can stop the massage chair in a certain position when you want to rest or watch TV.

Albert Massage Chair

Audio system. Built-in speakers. No cables through the house

You can use a smartphone or tablet to play music.

Connect the massage chair to your phone, tablet or laptop via Bluetooth. The massage chair is equipped with a set of speakers built into the backrest and via the Bluetooth connection you can listen to your favorite music directly from your mobile phone .

bluetooth massage chair
Albert Massage Chair

The massage chair scans your body and adjusts intelligently

The new Albert is equipped with an automatic shoulder detection system. This system performs a scan before each massage session to detect the height and weight of the user, so that the massage session is perfectly adapted to the contours of the body.

3D roller system

The new Albert massage chair is equipped with a set of silent, intelligent 3D mechanical hands, which move up and down, extend forward and backward and also move sideways. These mechanical hands help to detect the parameters of each user: weight and height.

Albert massage chair scanning
Albert Massage Chair

Stretch and stretch functions of the column

This feature is recommended to activate bone regeneration and eliminate muscle tension and joint stiffness so you can maintain your health. The stretching is performed using the massage pads for the shoulders, arms and legs.

Foot massage. Adjustable support.

Depending on the height of the user, the leg support can be adjusted freely, the maximum length of the extension is 15 cm, ensuring a massage for the whole body, regardless of the height of the user.

Perfect for different lengths and weights.

The Komoder massage chair is designed for different users. With six innovative automatic massage programs, which give you a personal massage, this chair meets the requirements of different users.

Albert Massage Chair

Reflexology. Massage that impresses.

The reflexology massage is performed with a small board equipped with rollers and the footrest extends seamlessly to accommodate users of different lengths.
Reflexology. Massage that impresses

Foot massage

The footrest is equipped with air cushions for pressure massage and also contains 8 natural magnets.
Foot massage

Massage from neck to feet

This massage chair uses a special technology with an "L" shaped rail and is the result of a long-term study in combination with the latest knowledge in the field. The massage range of the chair is 130 cm and extends very close until the knees. This allows you to enjoy a personal massage from head to toe.
Massage from neck to feet

Foot massage. Experienced as very pleasant by the people who tested it.

It simulates the touch of the human hand and features advanced rolling technology. This gives you a Guasha massage that feels like it is being performed by a professional masseur. With a range of 3 cm and aimed at the Yongquan point on the sole, the massage offered can be delicate and constant, but also powerful depending on how you set it on the remote control.
Foot massage

Foot massage with air cushions

Different sized airbags wrap completely around your calf, ankle and foot, providing you with a triple experience you will never forget. Apply this method, which successively activates the air pressure compression, pause and evacuation function to stimulate the Xuanzhong and Taixi acupoints. This ensures perfect comfort and harmony.
Foot massage with air cushions

Magnetic therapy

The magnet therapy achieved thanks to the 8 precisely placed 300 cc permanent magnets can improve the low magnetite content in the body, by stimulating the Chengshang and Zhonmai acupoints on the calf.
Magnetic therapy

Back massage range

The intelligent mechanical massage hands can move up and down on the neck, shoulders, back and waist. They can automatically induce the specific curve of the human back, with a width range of 21 cm and a back range of 130 cm and are therefore able to cover the entire back.
Back massage range

This massage chair recognizes your back

The S-shaped curve supporting the body includes a combination of back massage structures and engineering design principles for the human body, so you can enjoy an extremely accurate back massage. The width can be adjusted from 6 to 21 cm and has three width options.
This massage chair recognizes your back

Arm massage with air cushions

Equipped with 12 airbags that follow the curves of the human upper arm, this massage chair offers a massage that covers the entire arm. The massage acts on the Yangchi and Quchi points. The balanced 3D traction created in the air-filled cushions will strengthen your arms and palms.
Arm massage with air cushions

Infrared heating - perfect in winter

The back heating function of 40º-50º C eliminates the cold feeling and the back pain. The wavelength of the infrared rays coincides with the wavelength of the human body, so that the energy is absorbed by the human cells. This activates the cells and stimulates the metabolism.
Infrared heating - perfect in winter

Technical specifications and features

Massage for the entire back surface Yes
Electrically adjustable backrest Yes
Air cushions in the seat Yes
Air cushions in the leg area Yes
Roll massage Yes, 3D
Air cushions Yes. Full body
Air pumps Yes
Seat massage Yes
Massage and relaxation position Yes
Leg massage Yes
Reflexology Yes
Foot massage Yes
Remote control Yes
Upholstery Ecological, antibacterial leather.
Massage chair weight (kg) 110 kg
Maximum user weight (kg) 130 kg
Power supply 220 - 230V
Dimensions dimensions Albert massagechair
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So helpful in answering my questions.. Thank you Komoder for helping me choose Everest massage chair. So helpful in answering my questions. We use our chair daily!
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