BARI II Massage Chair.
Looking for an entry model? The right massage chair for the budget.

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Equipped with a heating system for you back

The heating system emphasizes the efficiency of the massage, keeping you warm during winter or when you are inside rooms with air conditioning during summer. With this built-in heating system, the Bari II massage chair becomes a real attraction. Along with the back heating function that uses carbon fiber as a heating source, Bari II also offers reflexology.

You will instantly fall in love with Bari II

The experience this massage chair offers is absolutely impressive. The way this massage chair manages to relax a person is fantastic. The 3D massage technology with heating is used to cure lumbar and cervical pain.


Zero Gravity Position

By calling "Zero Gravity" the thighs and legs are positioned at the same horizontal level as the shoulders. The center of gravity of the body changes and the gravitational force will be evenly distributed over the body. This is the ideal position for massage. Now is the time to experience the massage programs offered by this extraordinary armchair.

zero gravity

Remote control on stand, for comfort in use

The new BARI II is equipped with a remote control for easy access to all buttons and massage programs. The remote control is placed on the right arm of the chair and gives you full access to control the massage chair and set the massage programs.

zerog ravity

Brand new function - Head massage with air cushions. A real pleasure. A real relaxation

Bari II Massage Chair

Enjoy a great kneading massage for your neck and shoulders. After trying this massage chair you will realise that the perfect neck and shoulder massage is possible.
You will love the massage technique and are guaranteed spend hours in this massage chair.

A smart massage system will perform movements on your shoulders and neck, mimicking various kneading massage techniques, in order to give you a muscle-relaxing massage for your upper back.

Bari II Massage Chair

Foot massage. Reflexology.
Extra: knee air cushions

Bari II Massage Chair

Specifications and technical characteristics

Automatic massage programs 10
Built-in speakers Yes
Timer Yes. 15/20/25/30 minutes
Net weight 70 kg
Remote control on stand Bari II Massage Chair
Head pillow Bari II Massage Chair
Back heating Bari II Massage Chair
15 CM - Legrest extension Bari II Massage Chair
Massage systems 2 Massage systems (one for the back, one for the seat)
Seat massage system Bari II Massage Chair
Back massage system Bari II Massage Chair
Calves air cushions Bari II Massage Chair
No installation required
Box dimensions: 110 x 79 x 111 CM
Bari II Massage Chair
BARI II Beige Grey BARI II Beige Grey
BARI II Gray-Black BARI II Gray-Black

Customer Reviews

Highest quality product!
- from
Federico / Firenze
5 / 5 points
It changed my life, highly recommended! I bought both a massage chair and a pair of massage glasses from them. I solved both back problems and insomnia. Money well spent!
Best choice!
- from
Sipos Elemér / Dunaújváros
5 / 5 points
I decided on the Bari II mainly because of the extra head pillow. It provides a very pleasant massage. I use the armchair every morning before work, and my wife in the evening. Thank you for the seller's help, he presented everything very kindly and in detail. I can only recommend.
Grateful customer!
- from
Tóth Lajosné / Celldömölk
5 / 5 points
The Bari II armchair became the family's favorite. As a seamstress, it is very good to relax in the armchair in the evening, it relaxes the stiff neck muscles well. Thank you to the entire Komoder team!
I recommend!
- from
K. Aladár / Pogány
5 / 5 points
Thanks for the help from the experts! I bought the product online and I love it!