CORPORATE Massage Chair

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Perfect for the office, perfect for your business

This chair has been designed specifically for companies that aim to enhance work productivity while improving employee well-being. A massage chair can act as an incentive to combat the monotonous and sedentary nature of modern work activities by offering rejuvenating and relaxing breaks for the entire team.

CORPORATE Massage Chair

The corporate massage chair comes equipped with a smart massage system that has four rollers and can perform five different massage techniques, including shiatsu, kneading, tapping, pounding, and kneading with tapping. This smart massaging system moves along a curved track that follows the exact contour of the spine, providing a complete massage that starts from the neck area and goes all the way down to the calves.

A well-targeted massage immediately rejuvenates you

The Komoder Corporate massage chair offers seven automated massage functions: comfort, gentle massage, full-body massage, neck and shoulder massage, back massage, waist massage, and a stretching program. It is designed to focus on vulnerable areas of the upper body, allowing you to select a massage that targets your specific needs. You can choose from a full back massage, one focused on the neck and shoulders, the waist, or a fixed point massage. Each massage technique has adjustable speed via the remote control, with three intensity levels to choose from.

A well-targeted massage immediately rejuvenates you

On-spot massage or custom-made massage

Two types of massages can be performed - on-spot massage and custom-made massage. The on-spot massage technique involves placing the massage roller over the exact area that is sensitive or painful. You can move the roller up or down using the remote control buttons to achieve a highly precise and effective massage.

On-spot massage or custom-made massage

Shiatsu customized for each user

The Corporate massage chair is designed with the belief that each person who receives a massage is unique and has their own proportions. To cater to this belief, the chair allows the user to adjust the width between the rollers during the massage session. For instance, during a shiatsu or tapping massage, the width between the two kneading balls can be adjusted to three levels: wide, medium, and narrow, according to the user's preference.

Healing airbags

Airbags are commonly associated with car safety, but they are also important in massage chairs. The airbag system in massage chairs provides a tonic effect by applying pressure to the muscles of the arms, palms, or calves. The Corporate chair has an air pressure massage function that can be set to three modes: air pressure on the entire body, air pressure on the arms, and air pressure on the legs. This function can be adjusted to three levels of intensity at any time.

Healing airbags

The miracle of magnets

The multitude of accessories that complete a professional workplace massage is complemented in the case of the Corporate massage chair by a magnet system. These magnets are placed in the palm airbag area, providing a magnetic type of massage.

Zero Gravity

The comfort of modern massage is the sum of every detail. The Zero Gravity position will simulate a feeling of weightlessness for you, achieved from the horizontal position in which Corporate will be throughout the massage program. With the help of the remote control, you can choose from two special Zero Gravity positions, providing an incredibly relaxing experience.

Zero Gravity

A warm massage chair when needed

For a sense of well-being and comfort, the Corporate massage chair can enhance the massage experience with the warmth of a graphene heater placed on the chair's backrest. This heater generates infrared heat that stimulates blood circulation, warms sore tissues, and helps alleviate rheumatism.

Intelligent interaction

The Corporate massage chair is easy to operate using its LCD screen remote control. Its user-friendly interface allows you to select and modify the massage program, adjust the intensity, activate the airbags, add heat to the massage, and access other functions as per your preference. You can do all this at any given moment without any hassle.

Intelligent interaction

The art of relaxation

The art of relaxation by Komoder is no longer exclusively available at home. Now, it can be the highlight of any company that wants its employees to feel great even at work and combat the monotony of sedentary jobs. Corporate only requires 8 inches of space from the back wall to seamlessly integrate into modern office or waiting room interiors. It is a durable chair, constructed from recyclable and easy-to-maintain eco-friendly materials.

The art of relaxation

Specifications and technical characteristics

Automated massage programs 7
Timer Yes
3D massage across the entire back surface Yes. 135 cm SL rail
The distance between the massage rollers Adjustable on 3 levels
Option for spot massage Yes
Electrically adjustable backrest Yes
Air cushions in the lumbar area Yes
Air cushions at the calves Yes
Massage rollers 3D
The intensity of the air cushions Adjustable on 3 levels
Massage speed Adjustable on 5 levels
Calf massage Yes
Heating For the lumbar area
Remote control Yes
Remote control holder Yes
Upholstery Ecological leather
Net weight of the armchair (kg) 90 kg
Power supply 220 - 230V
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