Komoder Etna "L" Shape Zero Gravity, Bluetooth. 6 back rollers and heating massage chair.

Etna Massage Chair
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2018 Design. Komoder Etna with 6 massage rollers

According to ergonomics theory, the Etna massage chair offers an armrests and backrest linkage in order to offer you a full body massage. Thus, the users of the new chair will be able to enjoy a full body massage experience.

Airbag and air pressure embracement

Komoder Etna massage chair uses space pod-type armrests, embedded airbags and a grainy surface, so that the arms may enjoy a comfortable massage, regardless of the massage chair’s tilt angle. Thanks to the combination between the seat air pressure massage, the leg area massage, and the zero gravity feature, your body will enjoy a comfort sensation.

Komoder Etna Massage Chair

Unique feature: airbag temple massage

The new airbags located in the upper area apply air pressure to the temples on either side, which helps you relax and helps relieve headaches. None of the other Komoder massage chairs offers the user a similar feature.

Komoder Etna

32cm - footrest extension

The longest extension that any footrest can offer. The foot massage device may be extended by up to 32 cm, in order to accommodate even users who are over 200 cm tall.

Foot roller reflex therapy

The massage chair provides foot roller reflex therapy massage. No other Komoder massage chair offers such a long extension of the foot roller massage system, which is why the Komoder Etna is the most suitable massage chair for all types of users, whether short or tall.

Komoder Etna
Komoder Etna Massage Chair

Advanced L-shaped track for multi-angle back and buttock massage.

The L-shaped mechanism provides a deep massage, according on the human body type. The mechanical system can reach down all the way to the lower areas of the buttocks and thighs. The curved track accurately follows the human body, providing an accurate massage which stimulates the acupoints on the back, relieving fatigue and restoring your good physical shape.

Komoder Etna Massage Chair

New curved track for a complete rolling program.

The Etna massage chair is equipped with the 3D L-track technology which, combined with the airbags, offers a multi-angle integrated back and buttock massage. This technology goes beyond the functions offered by the traditional track, which could not achieve the lie-down position and the stretch function, offering the best massage possible.

Komoder Etna Massage Chair

Multiple foot massage system settings.

Independent footrest design, which meets individual massage requirements: the footrest of the Etna massage chair is designed to be controlled independently, in order to allow you to choose the intensity that best suits you, providing a customized massage, according to your tastes.

Foot heating 360 º therapy

Based on the foot rollers of regular massage chairs and the “quick reverse” technology, the Etna massage chair has innovatively developed the foot kneading and rotating massage technique, in which foot massage is achieved in conjunction with the heating function. Thus, you can experience the best health and longevity massage.

Zero Gravity positions

Based on NASA’s Zero Gravity theory and on the basic principles of traditional Chinese medicine, Komoder has created the most comfortable Zero Gravity massage position. Tip: Zero Gravity is the body’s most natural position of total relaxation, where the feet are raised higher than the body, creating a 128º ± 7º angle; this position maintains the body functions at their optimum level.

Komoder Etna
Komoder Etna

Waist, seat, and feet heating

Massage chair equipped with the largest number of heating systems. There is no other Komoder model that provides heating for all body areas. Komoder Etna massage chair uses a heating massage technology. The user enjoys an overall heating of the body, while the rollers massage the shoulders, back, waist, and buttocks. This technology improves blood circulation and effectively relieves fatigue, offering a much improved massage effect.

Thorough technical checks ensure reliable quality

Each and every component, and ultimately the massage chair itself, has been manufactured with the observance of strict quality standards. Each massage chair is subjected to a number of 169 technical quality control procedures, which fall into 5 categories, of which we mention: raw materials check, assembly process check for the semi-finished products, assembly check, and ex-factory product check. The observance of perfection in terms of quality has one single purpose: to offer our customers a perfect experience

Komoder Etna
Komoder Etna

Human skin-friendly fabric

The Komoder Etna massage chair employs fire-resistant leather whose odorless surface can be cleaned, in order to offer you a healthy and comfortable massage experience.

Super silent

Komoder massage chairs use reliable long-life quality motors with a low noise level. Noise level is under 50 dB during operation (that’s below the national standard, which is 60 dB). Thus, you can enjoy your massage while you speak on your phone or watch TV.

Eco-friendly, low energy

Komoder Etna massage chair has low energy consumption. The chair’s operating power is 240 W, stand-by consumption is only 1W, which meets European ECO standards. The internal structure has a constant pressure design, and the motor, the valves, and the air pumps run on a safety voltage of 24V.

Komoder Etna

Audio and smartphone functions.

You have the option to use a smartphone or tablet in order to control the music chair via Bluetooth.

Connect the device via Bluetooth to play music. Moreover, on the remote control you will find a “phone” button that you can use if you receive a phone call during your massage session, which means you can have your telephone conversation without having to interrupt your massage session.

Relaxation music massage

The Etna massage chair is equipped with two speakers located on either side of your head, through which you can listen to music via Bluetooth. The rhythm of the massage follows the rhythm of the music.

Komoder Etna

Traditional Chinese medicine-based massage

Harmonious meridian coordination, as mentioned in the Huangdi Medical Treatment Theory, is the main criterion in medical treatments. Thus, the basic innovations of the Komoder Etna massage chair rely on traditional Chinese medicine principles, such as the 12-meridian principle and the massaging of the meridian-specific points and acupoints, in order to improve blood circulation and activate the body’s functions, with the purpose of achieving Yin-Yang harmony.

Yin belongs to Fu, Yang belongs to Zang, Yin is in harmony with Yang and Zang is in harmony with Fu; this results in the forming of a complete and harmonious meridian network in the body. Yin-Yang and Zang-Fu coordination plays a major role in the health and medical treatment of the body.

Types of massage

Stretch massage

This is the massage method recommended after work or dinner, because it can quickly relieve the fatigue acquired throughout the day, offering you fast invigoration.

Relaxation massage

Suitable for morning or noon-time relaxation. It is a deep muscle tissue massage that will help increase muscle vitality, which ultimately leads to an optimal relaxation effect.

Fatigue relief

This is a massage recommended for office workers who spend a lot of time sitting behind their desks and for people who tire quickly. This massage stretches the body and helps invigorate it.

Pain relief

Recommended for back, waist, and neck pain relief. You can have a special massage for different areas of the body, with the aim of relieving pain effectively.

Komoder Etna

Easy design, easy operation. Remote control or smartphone.

Besides its remote control, the massage chair can also be controlled via Bluetooth, using your smartphone. You can have extended control via your smartphone by using the Komoder application available on the App Store, free of charge.


Auto Overall Massage

In order to meet a large number of requirements, we offer you 10 auto massage programs, designed by massage therapy professionals, including: quick experience, Chinese medical massage, tibia stretch, and music sync.

Auto area massage

The user can conveniently choose the massage area and technique by separate operations: they can directly choose neck, waist, upper body, or lower body massage, or an overall airbag massage.

Manual adjust

In order to meet the users’ extra requirements, we have separated the massage area, technique, and speed adjustments. The user can adjust all programs, creating a special massage system according to their tastes.


The user can set the massage time, intensity, and area in order to achieve a perfect massage effect. There are three languages to choose from.

The 3D massage mechanism provides a stronger, deeper massage

Maintaining the features of the Komoder soft 3D massage mechanism, the Etna model creatively develops the 3D massage technique, with a focus on buttock massage, while the rollers can detect the user’s lower back area.

The 3D massage mechanism pushes your body during air pressure shoulder massage, whose effect is the chest and body stretch function.

3D massage mechanism

Zero Gravity improves your sleep

The syncing of the backrest, seat, and footrest with the aid of the multi-angle mobile module helps achieve the best Zero Gravity massage experience, as well as complete relaxation and a natural and comfortable massage position which reduces heart and spine pressure and improves the blood and oxygen supply to the brain, which in turn improves sleep quality and relieves fatigue.

Zero Gravity improves your sleep

Massage techniques









Kneading and tapping

Kneading and tapping





Digital kneading

Digital kneading

Back rub

Back rub

Accurate scanning system

Thanks to the Komoder body and acupoint detection technique and according to the physical features of the body, the Etna massage chair can detect the neck, shoulder, back, waist, and buttock position and thus provide a deeper massage as well as a highly accurate fixed-point massage, according to the height of each individual user.

massage points scanning system

Master technique. A more professional massage experience

The Etna massage chair uses a proprietary Chinese medicine technique, based on the Komoder quick reverse technique. Besides the traditional modes of kneading, tapping, knocking, shiatsu, and kneading and knocking, this technique adds a special digital kneading and back rub function, which offers a special type of handling and a more comfortable massage, surpassing the human hand massage experience.

massage points


Power 240W
Voltage 220-240V
Time 5/10/15/20/25/30 minutes
Upright size 160 x 82 x 127 cm
Reclined size 182 (220) x 82 x 92 cm
Net weight 145 kg
Shoulder airbags Yes
Back airbags Yes
Waist airbags Yes
Seat airbags Yes
Arm airbags Yes
Calf airbags Yes
Foot airbags Yes
Forward slide 30 cm
Komoder Etna Massage Chair

Save space.

The Etna massage chair, thanks to the new smart microspace forward slide technology, can be placed just 8 cm from a wall, and it will slide forward automatically when the chair is turned on, saving space and thus demonstrating a perfectly smart household concept.

Komoder Etna

New airbag technology.

Progressive airbags are multi-layer airbags that can provide a gentle or strong and deep massage of the muscles and acupoints, thus fulfilling to a greater extent the traditional Chinese medicine massage theory.

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