Komoder Everest Zero Gravity Massage Chair with 6 massage rollers and heating system. 2018 Model Design. Free delivery.

Komoder Everest Massage Chair
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Equipped with 6 massage rollers

The Everest massage chair links armrests and backrest into a single unit, in accordance with the principles of ergonomics, in order to offer you a full body massage. Thus, the users of the new massage chair can enjoy the experience of a full body massage.

Airbags for shoulders, arms, legs, and seat.

The Komoder massage chair uses capsule-type armrests, incorporated airbags, and a granulated surface, so that the arms may enjoy a comfortable massage, regardless of the angle of the chair. Thanks to the combination of air pressure massage applied to the seat and to different areas of the legs, and the “Zero Gravity” feature, your body will enjoy a feeling of comfort.


Chair saves space

The chair has been designed for small spaces, so that you only need to keep 8 cm away from the back wall when the massage chair is in operation. The seat of the chair will slide forward without touching the back wall.

The massage chair has an intelligent adjust and recline function

Based on NASA’s Zero Gravity theory and on the basic principles of traditional Chinese medicine, Komoder have created the most comfortable Zero Gravity massage position. Tip: Zero Gravity is where the body is in its most natural, totally relaxed, position, where the feet are more elevated than the body.

Komoder RK 7203

Massage cushions for the whole body

Enjoy a complete massage experience. The massage chair is equipped with massage cushions for all body areas.

Foot rollers – reflex therapy

The massage chair is equipped with foot rollers which provide reflex therapy massage. No other Komoder massage chair offers such a long extension of the foot roller massage system, which is why Everest is the most suitable massage chair for all types of users, tall or short.

Komoder RK 7203

Multi-layer airbags for arms massage

The hand and wrist airbags offer a pressure massage so that your hands will rest and relax. The material used for the space dedicated to the hands has been specially created to provide an effective massage.


Pleasant feel. Relaxation effect.

The Everest massage chair is equipped with seat airbags. Activation of air pressure in these airbags increases the feeling of relaxation. The chair will lift you slowly and twist you, combining these movements with the back massage rollers.


The massage chair is extremely easy to use.

You are free to use the massage chair as you desire. The remote control is easy to understand and use, and the chair is turned on by pressing the green button.

The remote control is equipped with a display screen and each program is displayed on the remote control. You can set the intensity, speed, and roller width or, alternatively, you can use the default auto massage programs.

Zero Gravity positions

Based on NASA’s Zero Gravity theory and on the basic principles of traditional Chinese medicine, we have created the most comfortable Zero Gravity position. Tip: Zero Gravity is where the body is in its most natural, totally relaxed, position, where the feet are more elevated than the body, at an angle of 128º ± 7º; this position maintains the bodily functions at an optimal level.

Komoder RK 7203

Thorough technical inspection, which ensures reliable quality

Each component and the massage chair itself have been manufactured in compliance with certain strict quality standards. Each massage chair undergoes 169 technical quality control procedures, which are divided into 5 categories, of which we mention: checking the raw materials, checking the assembly process for the semi-finished products, checking the assembly, and the out-factory checking of the products. The observance of perfection in terms of quality has a sole purpose: to offer customers the perfect experience.

Komoder RK 7203
Komoder RK 7203

Human skin-friendly material

The Everest massage chair uses fire-resistant leather, whose odorless surface can be cleaned to offer you the experience of a heathy and comfortable massage.

Super silent

Our massage chairs use reliable, low noise and long life, quality motors. The noise level is below 50 dB in operation (below the national standard, which is 60 decibels). Thus, you can enjoy your massage while talking or watching TV.

Eco-friendly, low power consumption

The Everest massage chair has low power consumption. The power used by the chair in operation is 240 W, energy consumption in stand-by being only 1 W, which is in compliance with European ECO standards. The internal structure has a constant pressure design, the motor, the valves, and the air pump using 24 V safety voltage.

Komoder RK 7203

Massage based on traditional Chinese medicine principles

The harmonious balancing of meridians, as mentioned in the Huang Di Medical Treatment Theory, is a main principle in medical treatments. In this sense, the fundamental innovations of the Komoder massage chair are based on traditional Chinese medicine principles, such as the 12 meridian principle and the massage of specific meridian points and acupoints, with a view to improving blood circulation and the stimulation of bodily functions, with the purpose of attaining Yin – Yang harmony.

Yin belongs to Fu, Yang belongs to Zang, Yin harmonizes with Yang and Zang harmonizes with Fu, which results in the formation in the body of a complete and harmonious meridian network. The coordination between Yin and Yang and between Zang and Fu play a major role in the health and medical treatment of the body. Maintaining a harmonious balance between the meridians is the main criterion affecting the body’s health.

Important features

Leg-rest up and backrest down

Press this button on the remote control to recline the backrest and raise the leg-rest. Release the button to stop and lock in position backrest and leg-rest.

Backrest up and leg-rest down

Press this button on the remote control to raise the backrest and lower the leg-rest. Release button to stop and lock in position backrest and leg-rest.

Zero Gravity

Press the “Zero-G” button, backrest will recline and leg-rest will rise, and the massage chair will automatically enter the “Zero Gravity” state. Press the button again and the backrest and leg-rest will stop and lock in this position. No matter how you change the angles, the massage chair will always maintain a comfortable massage position.

Leg-rest extension and retraction

The leg-rest can extend and retract by up to 20 cm.

Arms massage

Place your arms between the arm airbags, before they fill up with air. They will provide a pinching massage on the hands and arms after the airbags have been filled with air.

Shoulder massage

Extruded multi-layer airbags are positioned behind either shoulder. An air pressure shoulder massage and stretching will relieve fatigue in this area.

Roller foot massage

The footrest will provide a roller and air pressure foot massage. By stimulating the reflex areas on the feet, the body’s meridians are cleared and the body organ functions are regulated and recovered, which effectively improves body resistance and immunity.

Airbag massage

After pressing the MENU button, select “air pressure” using the navigation key and press OK. There are two air pressure functions: Position and Intensity. Select the desired function, then press OK to access the next menu and select the required function.

Komoder RK 7203

Auto adjust

The seat, backrest, and leg-rest can be adjusted separately with the aid of automatic actuators, to bring you into a relaxing “Zero Gravity” position. In this position, the feet are raised higher than the head, to eliminate any back pressure and at the same time improve blood flow to the brain by stimulating the supply of oxygen.


Overall auto massage

In order to meet a large number of requirements, we offer you 10 auto massage programs, designed by massage therapists, including: quick experience, Chinese medical massage, stretch of the tibia bone, and music sync.

Auto area massage

The user can conveniently choose the massage area and technique by separate operations: one can directly choose between massage for the neck, waist, upper body, lower body, and an overall airbag massage.

Manual adjustment

To meet any extra demands that the user may have, we have separated the massage area, technique, and speed adjustment. The user can adjust all programs, creating a special massage system, according to his/her preferences.


The user can set the massage time, intensity, and area, in order to obtain a perfect massage effect. With 3 languages to choose from.

Zero Gravity improves sleep

By synchronizing the backrest, seat, and leg-rest by means of a multi-angle mobile module, you can obtain the best “zero gravity” massage experience. You attain complete relaxation and a natural and comfortable massage position, which reduces heart and spine pressure, increasing the amount of blood and oxygen supplied to the brain, which improves sleep quality and relieves fatigue.

Zero gravity

Massage techniques









Kneading and knocking

Kneading and knocking





Finger kneading

Finger kneading

Back rub

Back rub

Accurate scanning system

Thanks to our body- and acupoint-detection technique, in accordance with the physical features of the body, the Everest can detect neck, shoulders, back, waist, and buttocks, providing a deeper massage and a highly accurate fixed-point massage for users of different heights.

Due to the acupoint detection feature, the massage chair offers you an accurate massage, adapted to the height and body shape of each individual user.

puncte de masaj

Master technique. The experience of a professional massage

The Everest massage chair applies a proprietary Chinese medicine technique based on the Komoder quick reverse technique. Alongside the traditional massage modes of kneading, tapping, knocking, shiatsu, kneading and tapping, this technique provides an additional finger kneading and back rub feature, which achieve a special type of handling and a comfortable massage, surpassing the human hand massage experience.

puncte de masaj


Voltage input 220-240V
Time 5/10/15/20/25/30 minutes
Net weight 100 kg
Shoulder airbags da
Back airbags da
Waist airbags da
Seat airbags da
Arm airbags da
Calf airbags da
Foot roller and airbags da
Dimensiuni Komoder RK 7203
Komoder RK 7203

LED lights armrests for pleasant design and look

The sides of the massage chair are fitted with LED lights. The pleasant colors provide a certain dynamics to the space in which you will be using the massage chair: they will change its size, enliven it and make it more fun.

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