Komoder Neck Massager D181

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Massage Rollers Heating Deep neck massage Adjustable intensity

The D181 massage belt is portable and can be used anywhere. Being powered by a 12V socket you can take with you even in your car.

Designed for your neck and shoulder area the D181 massage device can also be used successfully for your lumbar area.

Komoder Neck Massager D181

The device uses a rotating ball massage mechanism capable of grasping and relaxing the cervical muscles.

Komoder Neck Massager D181

The new concept of kneading massage - A more effective cervical massage.

According to the new concept the kneading massage technique is the perfect way to relax the neck and shoulders area. The massage head is specially designed to give you the most comfortable experience.

Komoder Neck Massager D181

Important Features

Heating system

You can choose to turn off the heating function during your massage session.. Press once to turn off the heating function. Press again to restart it.

Start / Stop

Set the nominal working time to 20 minutes, start the massage, after 20 minutes it stops automatically.

Massage rollers direction

Function that will allow you to change the rotation direction at the beginning of the massage session. This way you can benefit from a massage in a certain area, in a certain direction.

Automatic kneading counterclockwise

Automatic clockwise / counterclockwise kneading conversion system. Set this function manually.

45 degrees heating system

Thanks to the overheating protection function the device simulates blood circulation using the perfect temperature for the most relaxing massage.

Adjust the intensity

You can adjust the massage intensity to your preference by using the U-shaped arm.

Specifications and technical characteristics

Predefined programs 2 Cover Polyurethane
Heating Yes Weight (kg) 5 kg
Car power supply Yes, 12V plug - car socket Power supply 220V

The perfect gift

Using the Komoder D181 daily your neck and shoulders will be more relaxed and more toned. The device is recommended for everyone, but especially for those who spend a lot of time at the office.

Komoder Neck Massager D181
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