Inada is the inventor of the massage chair and influences the entire industry. It's known that the most efficient massage chairs are produced by Inada. The Inada range includes medical massage chairs, zero gravity massage chairs and are recommended for back problems. The fact that Inada massage chairs are made in Japan says a lot about the quality of the materials and the massage rollers.
3 reviews
Inada 3S Flex is a japanese massage chair equipped with the latest 3D roller massage technology. The Inada 3S is a massage chair with leg and arm heating systems. For a complete massage, choose the 3S Flex. Free Shipping.
Inada 3S Flex
4 reviews
Inada DreamWave is a Japanese massage chair - the best massage technology in the world. The DreamWave is the best-known massage chair worldwide. Choose the DreamWave and enjoy its 3D heating massage. Free Shipping.
Inada DreamWave
3 reviews
Inada Duet is a new generation Japanese massage chair with two massage motors. Choose the Inada Duet now and enjoy 3D massage in the Zero Gravity massage position. Free Shipping.
Inada Duet
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Excellent. Very pleased.
- from
Donna H. / Luxembourg
I removed the back pad last night (in fact, I folded it back over the back of the chair), and now the Dreamwave has done a great job on my back, the massage was great, and even though I turned down the intensity a bit, I could still feel the rollers on each vertebra and every little muscle, and finally I felt that the chair was doing a great job massaging my neck, so it is much better with the pad removed. I will be back with fresh impressions. Have a great day.
Very satisfied.
- from
Ivan A. / Serbia
The Inada Dreamwave massage chair is indeed a dream. I have not yet decided which of the eight preset programs is my favorite, all are sensational. To say nothing of the manual programs. I can only describe this chair in the following manner: at least five pairs of hands discover, knead, and press the entire body simultaneously, from the soles of my feet all the way to my palms. The intelligent shiatsu point locating system is incredible, as is the air bag massage. And since a massage cannot be perfect except if the temperature is high enough in order for it to heat up and relax the muscles, the chair’s heating system takes care of this issue too. I am happy with my new purchase!
Extremely satisfied
- from
Katya / St. Petersburg, Russia
Thank you for your suggestion in connection with the Inada Sogno. I am more than satisfied with the massage chair. I feel great.
- from
Ewan Lw. / Netherlands
I bought this product with full confidence. The DreamWave massage mode is incredibly well conceived. I have two kids and they use the chair almost every day. The Japanese quality is evident from afar.
It works perfectly!
- from
Francis / Switzerland
I well received the chair, it works perfectly, much better than the one I had previously.
We simply love the chair!
- from
Greg / United Kingdom
Happy New Year to you too! We simply love the chair! I take off all the cushions when I use it. I hope that is not a problem, but that is how I like it. Of course the rest of the family leaves the cushioning in place. I love that it messages my legs and back at the same time. It was definitely the right choice for us. We use it all the time. With a family of 6, we have to stand in line. So far so good. Feel free to have anybody contact me if they would like to hear my opinion first hand.
Nice doing business with you!
- from
Mr. Jacobsen / Stavanger
The chair has arrived, installed and used for first time. All is well. Nice doing business with you!
Good price! Good delivery!
- from
Andrew B. / Scotland
Good price. Good delivery. The chair is of so much better quality than the Panasonic that I tried and I am very happy with it!! I like the stretching more than I had thought... I sometimes miss a more proper neck massage... but overall its a very good product that I am happy with ?.
5 Stars!
- from
Franco L. / La Spezia, Italy
Great Massage and very good service from Komoder. I recommend you this company!
Five Stars!
- from
Mark L. / Belgium
Thank you guys for fast delivery. Great quality.!
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