[NEW LAUNCH] The OPERA massage chair is equipped with a 3D massage mechanism along an SL rail, 12 automatic programs, and 5 special massage techniques.

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Introducing modern massage for the whole family!

The Opera massage chair provides a unique combination of therapeutic and relaxation massage, making it suitable for the whole family.

With Opera, you can choose from a range of classic massage techniques, including kneading, traditional shiatsu or air cushion massage. No matter which one you choose, Opera will help to ease muscle tension and increase your tone, so you can tackle every challenge that comes your way.

Fotoliu de masaj OPERA

Perfect for your home or office

Opera massage chair features a modern design that seamlessly fits into any home or office decor.

Full body massage from the first to the last vertebra

The massage system utilizes a 3D mechanism to provide a full massage experience, stretching from the neck and down to the buttocks, on an SL rail with a lenght of 135 centimeters.

- 5 adjustable massage speeds
- 5 manual massage programs
- 3 intensity levels for the reflexology technique
- 4 different massage positions including Zero Gravity
- heating option for all the massage programs
- air cushion massage feature with three adjustable areas of action with varying intensities.

Fotoliu de masaj OPERA

Automatic and manual programs for every moment of the day

Opera offers you 12 automatic massage programs and 5 special techniques, adjustable on 5 levels of intensity.

The manual massage mode offers full control over the massage program, massage techniques and intensity adjustment.

Fotoliu de masaj OPERA

Reflexology, refresh for the body

Opera offers a reflexology program with rollers for the soles and an air cushion acupressure system for the calves.

The massage chair is equipped with air cushions that can be adjusted in intensity, covering the main areas of the body. These cushions are arranged in a multilayer system that targets the shoulders, arms, calves, and feet. The system offers acupressure massage at five different levels of intensity, which helps to stimulate blood circulation and promote lymphatic drainage.

Fotoliu de masaj OPERA

Simultaneous massage with heat in two different areas of the body

The Opera massage chair has a unique feature of simultaneous heating for two areas of the body. This function helps to relax muscles and improve peripheral circulation by doubling the massage with heat in both the back and calf areas.

Fotoliu de masaj Opera
Fotoliu de masaj Opera

Zero Gravity feature

Therapists recommend the Zero Gravity position to alleviate spine pressure; it has to positions with multiple folding angles.

Fotoliu de masaj OPERA

Intuitive and ease to use tablet

The Opera massage chair comes with a tablet that allows the user to customize the massage session based on his preferences. Additionally, the main controls are located on a central panel on the left arm.

Fotoliu de masaj OPERA

Music is everywhere

Enjoy your favorite songs during the massage through the speakers and Bluetooth audio system.

Opera comes in three color options, making it easy to integrate into any home.

Fotoliu de masaj OPERA

Specifications and technical features

SL Rail Yes, with 3D technology
Massage on the entire back Yes
Fixed point massage Yes
The intensity of the air cushions Adjustable
Heating Back and calves
Massage speed Adjustable
Legrest 20 cm extendable
Buttock massage Yes, with a dedicated roller system
Calves massage Yes, with air cushion
Reflexology Yes
Remote control Yes, on a stand
Quick button panel Yes, on the left armrest
Sudio system Yes
Upholstery Eco-friendly, antibacterial leather. OPERA is designed from environmentally friendly materials that are easy to maintain and clean.
Net weight 90 kg
VIDEO User Guide:
Colour options Black, Beige, Black with brown
Power supply 220 - 230V
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