VICTORIA II Massage Chair
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VICTORIA II – Designed for the whole family. The massage chair that will change your life and you free time

The VICTORIA II is a new generation massage chair with 4 intelligent massage hands using 3D technology. The massage rollers are silent, adjustable, and mobile, and provide a full back massage. The VICTORIA II’s L-shaped, 135-cm long massage system is among the longest massage tracks on any model. This track provides a massage from head to seat and almost down to your knees.

The massage chair provides a complete airbag air pressure massage for shoulders, back, seat, arms, and legs

The massage chair boasts special technology that pre-scans the users. This chair will adjust to your size no matter how tall you are, to make sure you enjoy an exceptional neck (cervical) and reflex therapy massage.

VICTORIA II Massage Chair

An effective massage starts with reflex therapy

The VICTORIA II massage chair can perform reflex therapy, perfect for stimulating your nerve centers.

Reflex therapy is necessary for a quick relief of physical and mental fatigue

Reflex therapy is performed with rollers and the footrest extends automatically to suit users of various heights. We recommend reflex therapy for individuals who suffer from leg pain or those who spend a lot of time standing on their feet.

VICTORIA II Massage Chair

The VICTORIA II is bound to become the most loved member of your family

It’s equipped with a set of smart mechanical hands using 3D technology, which move up and down, in and out, and sideways. They also help detect the weight and height of each individual user.

You will find yourself using the VICTORIA II out of love, to relax

The chair’s technology allows you to adjust the massage mechanism, which only goes to show that it the chair can provide a customized massage. You can adjust the width of the massage rollers, the massage speed, and you can choose a deep neck massage or a rolling massage, to improve your body posture.

VICTORIA II Massage Chair

It comes with a heating system

Heat enhances the effectiveness of the massage by eliminating your feeling cold in winter. By turning on the heating, the airbags in the lower back area gradually heat up, helping the muscles relax.

You will love the VICTORIA II massage chair straight away

The massage experience offered by the VICTORIA II is quite impressive. The way in which this chair succeeds in relaxing you is fantastic. 3D technology is used to treat lower back (lumbar) or neck (cervical) pain.

VICTORIA II Massage Chair

Airbag shoulder massage

The shoulder airbags properly pin you to the chair and press your back against the backrest for an effective massage to your paravertebral muscles.

Airbag arm massage

The airbags follow the curved shape of the arm, providing a complete arm massage which will relax and freshen up your arms and hands.

Airbag leg massage

The legrest too is equipped with airbags which provide air pressure massage to your legs.

Airbag calf massage

Airbags of different shapes completely wrap around your calves, ankles, and feet, to offer you an unforgettable experience. Turn on the airbag air pressure massage to stimulate your acupoints. This will relax your calves and feet and your muscles will start feeling better.

VICTORIA II Massage Chair

Experience the massage provided by a tireless physical therapist:
8 automatic programs
5 massage types
Reflex therapy and calf kneading

Stretching your arms, back, and legs is recommended to activate bone regeneration and to relieve muscle tension and contractions. This stretching action is achieved with the aid of the shoulder, arm, and leg airbags.

The VICTORIA II massage chair is designed for different users, with 8 automatic massage programs which provide a quality massage, meeting a variety of requirements.

5 cm back wall clearance – the smart space saver feature

The massage chair is designed for small spaces, and therefore only requires a 5 cm clearance to the back wall while in use. The seat will slide forward without touching the wall behind it.

Pleasant look. Functional design

The dynamic shape of this massage chair was introduced to help users save space at home. This model is ideal for your house, apartment, or office, even when space is an issue.

VICTORIA II Massage Chair

The chair scans your back and self-adjusts

The VICTORIA II is equipped with an automatic shoulder locating system, which performs a preliminary scan before each massage session to detect the user’s height and weight, so as to provide customized massage.

3D roller system

The VICTORIA II is equipped with a set of 3D mechanical hands which move up and down, in and out, and sideways. These hands help detect each user’s weight and height.

VICTORIA II Massage Chair

Controller with dedicated pocket. Smartphone USB charging

The VICTORIA II has a USB port for charging your smartphone or other devices.

VICTORIA II Massage Chair

Voice control

Command the massage chair to perform the desired massage in a position of your choice. You can relax without having to use the controller to control the chair. All commands are written on the back of the controller, and all you have to do is say these commands.

VICTORIA II Massage Chair

Zero Gravity joystick and control buttons

The new VICTORIA II allows easier access to the control buttons. It is no longer necessary to stop in the middle of a massage to change your position. You can stop the chair any time in any given position.

VICTORIA II Massage Chair

What is Zero Gravity?

This position will generate a state of weightlessness in which you will be able to enjoy complete relaxation. The new VICTORIA II will recline into these Zero Gravity positions.

Zero Gravity positions

By using “Zero Gravity,” the thighs and calves are raised to the same level as the shoulders. The body’s center of mass is modified and its weight is distributed evenly. This is the ideal massage position. Now is the time to experiment the massage programs offered by this extraordinary massage chair.

VICTORIA II Massage Chair

Built-in audio system. Turn up your well-being!

You can use a smartphone or tablet to play music.
Connect the massage chair to your smartphone, tablet or laptop computer via Bluetooth. The VICTORIA II massage chair has a set of speakers built into the backrest, and you will be able to listen to your favorite music through Bluetooth, straight from your phone.

VICTORIA II Massage Chair

Calf kneading and extensible legrest

The legrest will extend automatically, by up to 15 cm, depending on the user’s height, which ensures a complete massage, according to each user’s height.

VICTORIA II Massage Chair


8 automatic massage programs Comfort
Shoulder & Neck
Back & Waist
+ 3 (F6, F7, F8)
Timer Yes
3D full back massage Yes. SL-shaped 135-cm track
Roller width Adjustable, 3 widths
Fixed point massage capability Yes
Airbag intensity Adjustable, 3 levels
Massage speed Adjustable, 5 levels
Power-adjustable backrest Yes
Legrest Extensible by 20 cm
Lower back airbags Yes. Heated.
Airbags for calves Yes
Massage rollers 3D
Buttock massage Yes
Calf massage Yes
Reflex therapy Yes. 3-step adjustable
Calf kneading massage Yes
Heating Lower back area
Remote controller Yes
Dedicated controller pocket Yes
Upholstery Ecological antibacterial leather
Chair weight (kg) 130 kg
Mains power supply 220 - 230V
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Customer Reviews

Very satisfied with Komoder experience
- from
Markus Kar / United Kingdom
5 / 5 points
Very satisfied with your product. I bought Victoria massage chair one week ago and I my back doesn't ache as it used to. Thank you!
Very excited about my new purchase!
- from
Mr. Rogers / Leeds
5 / 5 points
I am most impressed with you and your products. Thank you and your team for the professional way you handled my order and the delivery.
Many thanks
- from
Austin Russel / London
5 / 5 points
It was refreshing to meet such an attentive, polite and knowledgable delivery team. Experiences I have had in the past have been that they seem to just bring the item in, drop it in place and go. This team were the complete opposite, they discussed my options on location of the chair. Went through each setting on both remote and arm. They even went over some items that weren’t covered during my visit to the showroom, including being able to turn off Alice completely! After they went through everything, they helped me put the sofa back in place. The team then placed the box outside for me, out of the way, covered in plastic so that I can keep it for the 14 day cooling off period. They are both an asset to your team and it was a pleasure to have them come to my property and got through my new massage chair. Please could you ensure that they get acknowledged and recognition for a job well done by your senior management team.
You won’t regret it!
- from
Dionne Rogers / London
5 / 5 points
From start to finish my experience with Komoder has been outstanding. Having taken the time to visit their premises in London, and I thoroughly recommend you do, Adriana was fantastic. No hard sell, very informative and no bad attitude when I said I wouldn’t be making a decision that day. A few days later I confirmed my order, a few weeks later my chair, the Victoria II was delivered. The guys who delivered it were lovely and a great demo was given. I can honestly say I can’t imagine life without my chair… of course the first few weeks I used it every day. I would say I’ve used it 5 times a week from here on in … 15 minutes seems to be my go to time. My advice if you are thinking about a massage chair is don’t think about it - just do it! You won’t regret it!
We are very satisfied!
- from
Timon Reiber / Steyr
5 / 5 points
I bought it in October 2021 as it is the second massage chair bought. Compared to the first, it's much improved - including the quality of the faux leather - and has almost all the features needed for a mid-range massage chair to enter the premium class. Automatic programs are stronger (thanks to the 3D technology of the rollers) compared to the manual ones, which are softer. The price-performance ratio is also good, my wife and I are also enthusiastic about the massage glasses too..
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