What's a zero gravity massage chair

Zero gravity also known as zero-g, or antigravity is the state of weightlessness

Zero Gravity is the state or condition in which there is no apparent force of gravity acting on a body. When the body is in the Zero Gravity position, the spine feels less pressure, muscle tension is reduced, and the heart exerts less effort. In the following we will see what the position of Zero Gravity is, how it was discovered, what are its benefits for the human body and how we can enjoy them, each of us, in the comfort of our own home.

Zero Gravity position - inspired by the NASA's space programs

Zero Gravity position

The concept of "zero gravity", found today in chairs and massage chairs, is inspired by the way in which NASA's space programs solved the problem of compressive forces felt by astronauts when they were launched into space. The astronauts felt a strong state of fatigue during the launch process due to the natural compression of gravity on the human body, especially on the spine. After intense research, NASA has perfected the "neutral body posture" position, ideal for evenly distributing pressure on the human body (on the whole body, instead of exclusively on the spine), thus bringing the body to a higher level of relaxation. This discovery in the field of combating gravitational forces has had implications for multiple aspects of relaxation therapy and in the development of massage chairs, which are now also equipped with an antigravity position.

The "neutral body posture" position is ideal for someone who wants to relax completely

The body is placed in an inclined position with the legs slightly raised above the level of the heart, creating a torso-foot angle of approximately 128 degrees with a variation of +/- 7 degrees. The position is also known as "antigravity" or "90/90". After intensive research by the Research Center for Sports and Medical Technology at Ritsumeikan University, the "neutral body posture" position has proven to be the ideal position for physical relaxation.

Detailing the four concepts of antigravity

  1. Maximum relaxation of the neck and back

    Zero Gravity massage chairs are advantageous for the human spine, which has an “S” shape and is divided into three areas: the nape of the neck, the upper back and the lower back. When there is no pressure on the spinal muscles in any curve of the spine, we are in a natural position. In a zero gravity armchair, the torso and thighs are perfectly aligned, the legs are relaxed above the level of the heart and head, and the hips and ankles form a 90-degree angle. This results in a neutral position of the spine, in which the gravitational forces do not affect it. The design of the armchair maintains the natural shape of the spine along the entire back. Thus, the neck and back are completely relieved of tension and muscle pain.
  2. Muscle relaxation

    In most relaxation positions, without being conscious, we put pressure on the lower back (think about the situation where you sit at the desk all day, then sit at home on the couch). When a person is in the zero gravity position, in a massage chair, the muscles are relieved by this pressure and are completely relaxed by the circulation of very well oxygenated blood.
  3. Dilation of the lungs

    When there is an open angle between the torso and the thighs, more space is created for the diaphragm to expend. This results in increased flow of inhaled oxygen to the lungs.
  4. Low pressure on the heart

    When we sit in a Zero Gravity chair, in the zero gravity position, the blood flow changes. When we are in the raised position the heart is required to pump blood against gravity from the feet up. In an inclined position, the situation is obviously reversed. The blood flows to the heart with the help of gravity.
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