Komoder C30 leg massager

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3 Heating Levels Calf Airbags Knee Airbags Soles massage rollers
3 massage speed levels 3 pressure levels for airbags 3 intensity levels for the soles massage rollers Reflexology

Komoder C30 feet massager

Komoder C30 massage device uses advanced Komoder technology, offering the user a great three-dimensional (3D) massage.

With C30 your legs, knees, calves, and soles will experience the most relaxing and refreshing massage session.

The Komoder C30 with heating works at three different speeds, has a predefined program and allows the adjustment for an additional knee massage system, providing exactly what the user wants extreme relaxation. All the settings can be done using the built-in remote panel.

KOMODER C30 Knee, Leg and Feet Massager

Important Features

1. Predefined massage session

Mimicking the movements of a professional masseur this massage program will surely remove discomfort from your feet with its revitalizing effect.
KOMODER C30 Knee, Leg and Feet Massager

2. Legs, knees and soles massage

Whether you want legs, knees or soles massage C30 massage device can be positioned accordingly. The upper part of the massager is mobile.
KOMODER C30 Knee, Leg and Feet Massager

3. Foot massage rollers

Featuring 20 massage rollers, the Komoder C30 uses reflexology for a more immersive massage experience. Stimulating each pressure point, the massage rollers are the best tool for improving blood circulation and revitalizing your body. You can opt between 3 adjustable intensity levels that will surely suit your needs.
KOMODER C30 Knee, Leg and Feet Massager

4. Airbags for your calves

Using an advanced airbag massage technology C30 provides an experience superior to any other massage device. You can opt for 3 adjustable intensity levels to suit your needs.
KOMODER C30 Knee, Leg and Feet Massager

5. 3 massage speed levels

The massage intensity can be controlled for maximum comfort, the device uses 3 massage speed levels. C30 can be rotated or locked in any position.
KOMODER C30 Knee, Leg and Feet Massager

6. Built-in control panel

Set your device quick and easy using the built-in control panel.
KOMODER C30 Knee, Leg and Feet Massager

Knees therapeutic heating system.

C30 is equipped with a heating system that is activated by pressing the HEATING THERAPY button. The system uses carbon fiber heat technology.

KOMODER C30 Knee, Leg and Feet Massager

Specifications and technical characteristics

Predefined massage program 1 Rotation 360°
Upholstery Synthetic leather Massage airbags 30
Massage speeds 3 Heating Yes
Timer 15 minutes Height 60 cm
Weight (kg) 25 kg Power supply 220V

The perfect gift

Komoder C30 uses additional air cushions for massaging the legs and knees. This function activates the circulation and increases your wellbeing. A combination of 30 different sizes of airbags wraps completely around your legs and knees for a more precise massage.

Using the Komoder C30 daily you will notice how your legs will be stronger, vigorous, and more relaxed. The device is recommended for everyone but especially for those who feel tired or spend a lot of time standing.

KOMODER C30 Knee, Leg and Feet Massager

Customer Reviews

One of the best feet massage I ever had
- from
Mr. Murphy / Luton
5 / 5 points
Is the first time I use a device like yours and I'm deeply impressed by what it's able to do. Also the delivery time was short and the employee was kind to explain me how to use it properly. Thank you very much!
C30 is what I was looking for
- from
Anita Chung / Switzerland
5 / 5 points
I love foot massages so much. I just want to get them all the time. When Paul said that the C30 will be great, I didn't want to believe him, because it is so cheap. Not I can't get enough of it.
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